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What You Need to Know About North Carolina Barbecue, According to Tyson Ho

North Carolina Barbecue
Arrogant Swine/Facebook

What new bourbon are we pumped about? Which hiking trail are we exploring? Why is the next supercar so cool? The Manual is dedicated to helping men live a more engaged life. Each week, our editors and guests get together for a round-table discussion about what’s new, exciting, and unique in the men’s lifestyle world. So pop open your favorite brew, step into your man cave, and start streaming.

For this week’s episode of Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Manual Podcast, the round-table — BBB first-timer and Digital Trends (our brother publication) co-founder Dan Gaul, managing editor Nicole Raney, food and drink editor Sam Slaughter, and the inimitable host, Greg Nibler — is joined by owner of Brookyln’s Arrogant Swine, Tyson Ho, to talk about not just barbecue, but North Carolina-style ‘cue.

Having been born in New York, Ho wanted to know: Who makes the best barbecue in the country. This set him on a quest that would take him across the country, but he realized one thing soon. To him, the best barbecue was that from the Tar Heel State. After spending time learning from legendary pitmasters, Ho took his newfound knowledge and skills back to New York and opened Arrogant Swine.

But what actually makes North Carolina the best barbecue in the country? (Note: The editors do not agree on this point.) What even constitutes true North Carolina barbecue? Want to know where to get that barbecue and fulfill all of your porcine desires? Well, you’re in the right place. ‘Cue this episode up and prepare to be hungry.

Have a favorite kind of barbecue? Disagree with the hosts on what is truly the best barbecue? If you have a question or comment for The Manual podcast crew, give us a shout at — we’re always around! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For some barbecue envy, we suggest you follow Arrogant Swine on Instagram. Make sure to subscribe and rate on your favorite podcast app, too!

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