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Southern Tide and Beneath the Waves Partner in Conservation Efforts

Looking for some fresh, sustainably-produced gear whose revenue, in part, goes towards environmental support efforts? Look no further than Southern Tide’s new, cool blue collaboration with ocean research nonprofit Beneath the Waves.

As the third capsule in a collection that began in 2020, Southern Tide’s new apparel not only brings a sharp snap to men’s beach style, the line maintains its mission to continue to fund marine conservation efforts and a visibility campaign championed by Beneath the Waves. Five percent of proceeds from the collection will go directly towards the organization’s investigative efforts “to advance scientific discovery and catalyze ocean policy, with a focus on threatened species and ecosystems.”

Southern Tide.

“With the help of our partners, like Southern Tide, we have been able to begin new projects on blue carbon, and expand our deep-sea research efforts throughout the Caribbean, and even to places in the Red Sea in an effort to document and assess biodiversity and species abundance on our planet’s final frontier,” Dr. Austin Gallagher, CEO of Beneath the Waves, said.

The new collection, dropped on May 9, features a coastal style that includes light, sky blue hoodies and long sleeve shirts with ocean creature silhouettes, snappy, matching swim trunks and short-sleeve tee, trucker caps, and an all-important straw hat to help protect faces from long days exposed to rays on the sea. Featured clothing includes a shark pattern that purposefully symbolizes Beneath the Waves’ dedication to using science to protect the ocean and its most threatened species — sharks.

Dr. Austin Gallagher of Beneath the Waves conducting ocean field research.
Beneath the Waves.

“As a coastal brand dedicated to life on and around the water, we are continually impressed by Beneath the Waves’ scaling impact and growth in the ocean space, driven by their devotion to marine protected areas,” CEO of Southern Tide, Carey Ann Campbell, said. “Now more than ever, we must play our part in making the oceans a safer and cleaner environment for marine life.”

Campbell notes that the company is particularly excited about implementing a more environmentally-friendly fabric containing blended coconut husk fibers, a more sustainable option than traditional materials.

Almost all aspects of the Greenville, South Carolina-based textilers’ efforts reflect a devotion to reducing its footprint and bringing education to its customers. Not only will sales of these “fintastic” threads help to fund scientific efforts, for example, but the new collection also supports an awareness campaign centered around marine conservation while celebrating the UN’s Decade of the Ocean for Sustainable Development.

Southern Tide and Beneath the Waves will bring their expertise to host a series of panels in Florida throughout the month of May. Topics will include Beneath the Waves’ recent research initiatives, how the organization originated in 2013, and its initiatives focusing on the conservation of biodiversity and highly migratory species while informing attendees and community members about conservation efforts and ways to get involved.

Through this multi-year partnership, both brands aim to help shape a generation more engaged with the Earth’s great waters and bring in a better planet for future generations.

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