Visit the Official Orvis Saltwater Fly-Fishing School at This Massachusetts Inn

orvis saltwater fly fishing school chatham bars inn 3
Chatham Bars Inn

Cape Cod is best known for world-class whale-watching, the freewheeling, come-as-you-are lifestyle of Provincetown, and miles of family-friendly beaches and resorts. But there’s one more thing the “arm of Massachusetts” offers that many outsiders are unaware of: Amazing fishing. Now, Orvis – one of our favorite outdoor brands at The Manual – has partnered with one of the Cape’s most famous inns to offer the state’s first and only official Orvis Saltwater Fly-Fishing School.

Over the course of one or two days at Chatham Bars Inn, the unique, professionally led school will provide newcomers with the hands-on experience necessary to fly-fish like a pro. The class teaches saltwater-specific methods and tactics, starting with tackle and fly selection and rigging before moving on to fly casting, fish fighting, and proper release techniques. Students will also receive tutorials in advanced fly-fishing skills and planning like striper feeding habits, essential knot-tying, and how to read the currents and tides.

As one of the world’s most recognized outdoor brands, Orvis and its elite wilderness experts are a fitting lead for this unique school. For more than 150 years, it’s promoted, taught, and fostered a great community around fly-fishing and wingshooting. Plus, Orvis stands behind its products with a bulletproof lifetime warranty and is no stranger to killer cross-promotional partnerships like this epic Land Rover restoration with Barbour. What’s not to love?

The century-old Chatham Bars Inn is a quintessential New England inn in every way. First opened in 1914 as a luxury lodge for wealthy Boston hunters, it’s since undergone a $100-million renovation. It retains much of its original, turn-of-the-century charm, however, including a breezy ocean-inspired decor, tastefully designed rooms, and a relaxed, seaside vibe.

For sportsmen, however, it’s the inn’s Chatham location that’s likely to be of most interest. The town straddles the border of both the Atlantic Ocean and Nantucket Sound and serves as the perfect backdrop for some of the state’s best striped bass fishing and flats fishing. It’s often regarded as one of the best places on the planet for sighting striped bass in shallow water. The abundance of other fish species includes bluefish, false albacore, and bonito also doesn’t hurt.

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Chatham Bars Inn

The Orvis Saltwater Fly-Fishing School is now available for booking. The one-day school (USD $279) will be hosted on select dates from now through August, while the two-day school ($489) is open on select dates from June through October.

If Massachusetts isn’t “exotic” enough for your fly-fishing vacation fantasies, maybe a once-in-a-lifetime trip to this remote Alaskan lodge is what you need. You just have to promise to take us with you.

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