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Why renting an off-road motor home is a must for your next road trip

Road trips are a great way to travel, particularly if you’re in the mood for a more intimate and nature-focused vacation away from the crowds. These outings are particularly great for couples and families since those hours on the road truly give you some quality time with your loved ones. Long drives, however, can be monotonous and uncomfortable since you’re stuck in the car for hours.

Luckily, there’s a way you can minimize the downfalls of a road trip vacation and still reap all the lovely benefits. Renting an off-road motor home is a must for your next road trip, and after hearing about all the benefits, we know you’ll be heartily searching for the best RV rentals in your area for your next vacation.

Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Save money on food and lodging

Hotel stays can cost a pretty penny, particularly during popular travel seasons and especially if you’re traveling alone. Road tripping with motor home rentals, however, can save you big money on lodging expenses since your vehicle rental is also your room accommodation all wrapped into one. Not to mention that campsite rentals are a fraction of the cost of hotel room rentals per night. Meals are another large expense on the road, especially if you’re traveling as a family. A family of four eating restaurant meals three times per day can certainly add up quickly. When you’re road tripping in an RV, though, you’ll have a full kitchen available to you at all times. You can wildly reduce the cost of food by simply hitting up a grocery store and preparing all of your meals yourself. With RV travel, you can even take a nap or make a snack in the back while another driver takes over for a while!

Have flexibility in the travel itinerary

Between airports, shuttle pick-ups, hotel check-in times, and all of the other time constraints of a standard air-travel vacation, you can start to feel a bit like herded sheep. When you travel by RV, however, the world is on your time clock. You can certainly create an itinerary for your RV road trip, but with no flight check-ins, hotel reservations, or public transportation schedules to keep to, you’ll feel a lot more freedom on the road. You’ll be able to go off-schedule when you’d like and take a spontaneous side trip to any attraction you happen to be passing on your journey.

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Have all of your belongings with you at all times

Have you ever set out from the hotel to start your day in a new city, just to realize you left something of vital importance back in your room? Whether it’s excursion tickets, sunscreen, or your wallet that slips your mind, this situation can throw a big wrench in your day. When you’re traveling RV-style, however, all of your stuff is with you at all times, and it’s accessible to you at any point during your drive. No need to remember what to bring in your backpack before starting out your day.

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Bring your pets with you without the stress and cost

Traveling with pets when you’re flying to your destination can be a big headache. It can be stressful for your furry friend to have to travel in cargo, and it may be stressful for you to carry them on the plane, depending on the level of your pet’s training. Once you get to your destination, it can be tough to find dog parks, pet food, and walking trails that permit dogs. Then there’s the cost associated with traveling with your pets. The airline will charge you a fee to carry on your pet, you’ll have to invest in an approved pet carrier, and then the hotel will likely also charge you a cleaning fee for bringing your pet. With RV travel, however, you have the freedom to bring your pet along without the stress and cost that’s associated with air travel and hotel stays.

When you’re in the mood for a vacation that grants you seclusion, freedom, and relaxation, there’s no better option than an RV road trip. Not only will this be a vacation you can take at your own pace, but it will also be one that is gentle on both your nerves and your pocketbook. Whether you just want to get away from the crowds and drive a few hours to a secluded campsite, or you want to hit the road and travel across the country, renting an RV is a choice you won’t regret.

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