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Get an Inflatable Kayak for Only $100 with Today’s Deal

Two people carry a blue inflatable kayak onto a tropical beach.

If you’ve looked at our beginner’s guide to kayaking, you may already feel the need and want to go out on the water and have some fun. Unfortunately, hard-body Kayaks can be quite expensive, especially if you want something that will help you dip your toes into the whole activity. Thankfully, Academy Sports has the inflatable INTEX Sport Series Tacoma K2 on sale for just $100, down from $150, meaning you can try your hand at kayaking without breaking the bank.

The Tacoma K2 is an inflatable kayak with a shallow hull and a streamlined body that can cut through the water and provide some good stability for those just starting out. It has a carry weight of around 400 pounds, meaning that two people can use it at a time, and the backrests also have some good adjustability to be able to sit comfortably. There’s also some storage behind the second seat that’s somewhat covered from the elements and water, although it’s far from a waterproof bulkhead. Still, it’s a good place to store a backpack, food, or even electronics, as long as you secure them in a water-tight bag first.

As for the kit itself, it comes with everything you’ll need to get started on the waves, including two aluminum paddles that can be taken apart to help with storage. One of the big positives of an inflatable kayak is that it doesn’t require a rack on your car to transport it, as you can deflate it and stuff it in its carrying bag, which comes included with the kit. The whole thing weighs around 36 pounds. You also get a repair patch kit that should help extend the life of the kayak, at least long enough for you to decide whether you want to continue kayaking and get a nicer kayak or not.

Overall, the Tacoma K2 from INTEX is a good inflatable kayak option, especially for beginners, and with this deal from Academy Sports bringing it down to just $100, you won’t feel it in your wallet too much. Alternatively, if this doesn’t fit your needs, check out some of the best kayaks for different needs, such as paddling and camping.

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