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Way Day 2022: Best Patio Furniture Deals to Shop Today

A perfect summer starts with great patio furniture, and where there’s a great addition to your back yard, there’s a great opportunity to save some money as well. Whether you’re looking to turn your yard into an oasis or for some patio furniture to park alongside one of the best grills, there are a lot of great patio furniture deals out there to pounce on. We’ve tracked down the best patio furniture deals, some of which reach more than 50% in savings. Read on for more details on these deals in the Wayfair Way Day sale, happening from April 27 through April 28.

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Hovis 2-Person Seating Group — $188, was $399

The Hovis two-person seating arrangement awaits poolside.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Hovis two-person seating group features two chairs and a small table, a perfect combination for enjoying a hot summer day by the pool or a warm summer evening by the grill. This handcrafted set is made with a taupe finish, which is resistant to UV, rust, and weather. The chairs are able to fold up for moving and storage, and they feature open frames with curved arms. The matching seat and back cushions are filled with cotton, and are upholstered in a polyester blend. The table is about 20 inches square, and features a pedestal base with two square support bars. All of these come together to provide a quality, durable, and affordable patio relaxation experience.

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Christina 2-Person Long Bistro Set — $343, was $409

The Christina two-person patio arrangement awaits poolside.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This three-piece outdoor bistro set by Christina features two wicker chairs and a wicker table, and looks great on the deck, on the patio, or alongside you while you’re nailing some of the best grill and smoker recipes. The cushions are soft, comfortable, and ergonomic, providing ultimate comfort and a nice place to relax between work weeks and burger flips. The modern and beautiful design is incredibly versatile, making this chair and table set an option in the living room and courtyard, in addition to the patio or poolside. Assembly of the Christina two-person wicker bistro set is incredibly easy, and the price has never been better.

Rawtenstall 4-Person Wicker Seating Group — $640, was $1,397

The Rawtenstall wicker patio set is a great addition to any patio.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Rawtenstall wicker seating group is room enough for up to four people, so you can move on from the more intimate setting of two-person patio furniture to hosting friends, neighbors, and family in your back yard. This set of patio furniture includes two chairs, a loveseat, and a table, and brings a breezy style to any outdoor arrangement. Foam-filled cushions top each seat, providing 3 inches of cushioning as you kick back and relax. A patio set like this pairs well with some warmth in the evenings, and we can help you with how to choose the best back yard fire pit.

Gorden 5-Person Wicker Seating Group — $820, was $1,845

The Gorden wicker patio furniture arrangement looks good on any patio.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Gordon five-person wicker seating group features one coffee table, one left-arm chair, one right-arm chair, one corner chair, and two sectional chairs with cushions. A table is also part of the arrangement, as well is a classy and contemporary style. If you’re on the patio to grill the steak of your dreams, your guests may not even know it, as this patio furniture arrangement is comfortable and relaxing. Whether you’re looking to entertain family, friends, or even your work colleagues, this Gordon outdoor sectional set will steal the show, and provide ultimate accommodation for a leisurely time on the patio.

Kendalle 6-Person Wicker Seating Group — $930, was $1,130

The Kendalle wicker patio furniture set looks great on any patio.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Maybe you’re just looking for some patio furniture, or maybe you’re looking to close out the last pieces of furniture in your dream home. The Kendalle six-person wicker seating group is a great consideration for any patio, garden, or balcony, as it can accommodate small gatherings and is made to last. The hand-woven resin wicker is strong enough to withstand all weather variations and comes complete with fade-resistant and water-resistant cushions. This patio furniture set includes a chair, a table, and a sectional, and still estimates at less than one hour for assembly. Seating capacity is up to six people, and the versatile furniture set can be arranged into all sorts of different configurations.

Falmouth 8-Person Dining Set — $1,850, was $3,205

The Falmouth eight-person patio set is a nice addition to any patio.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking to move beyond just smoking meat like a pro and want to move into bringing a full guest list over to enjoy the party, the Falmouth eight-person dining set is just the place to load their plates up. It features a dining table and eight chairs, and all are made with premium materials. Crafted with an aluminum frame, each piece is wrapped in woven resin wicker to resist rust, UV, and weather. The glass top provides an easy-to-clean surface for setting out snacks, while levelers below account for uneven ground on the porch or patio. This is a durable, quality, and convenient set of patio furniture, and it’s made to look great whatever your patio adventures may consist of.

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