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Hydro Flask Launches New Colors to Liven Up Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Based in one of America’s great adventure-sports meccas — Bend, Oregon — it’s no surprise that Hydro Flask’s products can be found in backpacks, bottle cages, and gear bags everywhere. Due to their versatility and tough construction, the various insulated bottles, tumblers, growlers, rocks glasses, cups, coolers, and mugs have also gained a prominent spot in our everyday lives. With a few new color introductions, Hydro Flask continues the trend of outfitting us for all the adventures that life brings.

Hydro Flask is also offering 30% off select colors if you wanted to shop your favorites before they’re officially retired. Be sure to order before items run out.

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32 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle – Alpine

Alpine is one of three brand-new colorways from Hydro Flask. Meant to evoke a cool mountain stream or an ice-cold glacial freshet, the water you keep inside of it will seem extra-refreshing. Like most other Hydro Flask products, it features 18/8 Stainless steel construction, so it won’t retain or transfer flavors to whatever you keep inside of it. The Honeycomb Insulation inside the lid helps to maintain temperatures for a long time — up to 24 hours for cold contents and 6 hours for hot contents. The color finish itself is powder-coated, meaning that it’s sprayed on electrostatically, then baked into a long-lasting and durable coating. You’ll be able to enjoy your Wide Mouth Bottle for years or decades to come.

12 oz Cooler Cup – Carnation

Carnation is the second of Hydro Flask’s three newly introduced colorways. Named after a flowering member of the clove family, the color is also reminiscent of the fields of spring wildflowers that you’ll explore while drinking from this 12 oz. cup. What’s great about the line of Cooler Cups, in general, is their versatility. You can put a cold bottle or can of your favorite libation into the Cooler Cup, put the lid on to seal in the cold, then enjoy your frosty beverage for a long time. Or else, you can pour your beverage directly into the cup, then let the TempShield insulation keep it cold for hours. 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction ensures that your Cooler Cup will put up with anything you put it through.

40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle w/ Straw Lid – Pineapple

The third of the brand-new colors from Hydro Flask is called Pineapple. This shade is bright and cheerful — perfect for carrying your favorite drink down to the beach, lake, pool, or park. The integrated straw in the lid makes staying hydrated very easy. Use the built-in finger loop to clip the bottle to your backpack as well as for single-digit carrying. With similar features to other Hydro Flask products — double-wall vacuum insulation, 18/8 Stainless Steel construction, Color Last powder-coated finish — this 40-oz bottle will keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot, all while looking great for the long haul.

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