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Here’s why Gravity Haus is our top lodging choice in Breck

Going to Breck? Stay at Gravity Haus

Sun over Breckenridge Colorado
Mploscar via pixabay

Breckenridge, Colorado serves up abundant terrain and small-town charm. Set amongst five peaks — Peaks 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 — the storied resort combines big mountain challenges with easy-going enjoyment. No matter your skill level, you can find a trail to let loose and take it all in. 

After a long day on the hill, it’s nice to recuperate in comfort, share stories, and prepare for the next day. Gravity Haus lets you do that and more with an array of amenities and a modern design. Here’s what makes it different.

Gravity Haus Breckenridge
Gravity Haus

Why Gravity Haus is a standout lodging experience

On your trip to Breck, you’ll want to rack up vert and chase powder. And you could go with spartan accommodations to save a buck or two. But at the end of a long day, you’ll be enduring your stay instead of relishing it. But Gravity Haus — with tailored amenities and bespoke room choices — gives outdoor enthusiasts the perfect place to unwind. Here are the details.

To understand what makes Gravity Haus different, look no further than its mission statement, “To Enable Modern Adventure for Everyone”. To accomplish that, the company asks three questions: Is it good for you? Is it good for the planet? Is it an amazing experience?

The hotel accomplishes all of that and more with lodging that sets new standards for today’s adventurers. From 60 customized rooms to curated wellness perks, Gravity Haus takes your mountain experience to a higher level. 

Central to that are nine different room choices. These include The Alpinist, The Crashpad, The Gnarnia, The Rambler, The Navigator, The Betty, The Trekker, The Powder Hound, and The Trailblazer. Each features a unique layout and look, letting you pick the accommodations of your dreams. 

We’d go with The Alpinist for its simple yet luxurious design, including a king-size bed, office area, and rustic mountain aesthetic. There’s also Farm to Cup Unravel Coffee, a tech desk, satellite TV, and more. You’ll be looking forward to relaxing after epic times on the hill. 

Beyond that, Gravity Haus caters to every aspect of your stay. To reset and recover, there’s a dry sauna, Japanese-inspired onsen, and soaking tubs. Private lockers let you store your gear with peace of mind. The Cabin Juice Elevated Eatery and Bar serves up fuel for the mountain athlete with locally sourced ingredients and family-style feasts. And with low light and deep wood detailing, the restaurant has a soothing après ambiance.

To top it off, Condé Nast Traveler rated Gravity Haus the #4 hotel in Colorado. That’s some serious kudos. 

The Alpinist Room at Gravity Haus Breckenridge
Gravity Haus

How to book a stay at Gravity Haus Breckenridge

Securing a room at Gravity Haus Breck is a quick and easy process. Just visit the website, click “Book Now” and follow the step-by-step instructions. After entering travel dates and party members, you can select from available rooms. And if your furry friend is along for the ride, they can stay too for an extra $50. After that, you’re good to go for a trip like none other.

Gravity Haus offers an enhanced experience for the modern adventurer. Instead of roughing it in spartan digs, travelers can relax and enjoy and be ready for more when the sun rises. That way, skiers and riders can feel refreshed, perform better, and make the most of Breck’s big mountain environment. Sounds like it’s time to book your next excursion. 

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