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The 8 best snowboarding movies and documentaries to add to your watch list

These are the best movies for snowboarding enthusiasts

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker yourself or someone who just enjoys watching other people put their life on the line, we some good news. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, action sports films have emerged as a safer alternative to actually doing the sports yourself. Whether you watch these movies for a little inspiration or to marvel at the people on screen, these movies should thrill you. 

A figure snowboarding in the air.

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Whether you’re a beginner to snowboarding or a seasoned veteran, snowboarding films have pushed the limits of what filmmaking can do, and often achieved impressive results. If you yearn for an experience that will make your heart stop (figuratively), then here are some of the best snowboarding movies:

TurboDojo (2017)
Genre Documentary
Stars Mikkel Bang, Max Buri, Brandon Cocard
This hour-long, adrenaline-fueled adventure is as pure of a snowboarding film as you can experience. Absinthe Films, the film arm of one of the most successful independent snowboard creators, takes viewers on a journey with no storyline, no talking, and no complicated plot. It’s just you, the amazing soundtrack, and a host of sensational snowboarding feats. Instead of highlighting a new location for each rider, the film goes from rider to rider in the same run to show how each of them attacks the powder differently.

That's It, That's All (2008)
That's It, That's All
Genre Documentary
Stars Jake Blauvelt, Kyle Clancy, Terje Haakonsen
Directed by Curt Morgan
This Brain Farm production takes the best parts of nature documentaries, heavy metal music, and epic snowboarding skills and mixes them into a genre-bending piece of art. That’s It, That’s All is only an hour long, but in that time it manages to delve into the mind of pro snowboarder Travis Rice as he takes on big mountains and steep terrains in remote locations around the world. The result is a documentary that’s equal parts thrilling and profound.
Deeper (2010)
Genre Documentary
Stars Jeremy Jones, Xavier de le Rue, Ryland Bell
Directed by Jeremy Jones
In the first of a three-part series in partnership with Teton Gravity Research, action sports icon Jeremy Jones joins a host of other freeriding stars in Deeper, which is his directorial debut. Jones, the founder of Protect Our Winters (POW), a non-profit advocating in the ski industry to bring awareness to climate change issues, pushed the limits of the genre by hiking to dangerous heights instead of relying on helicopters and lifts, and then riding his board all the way to the bottom.

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Further (2012)
Genre Documentary
Stars Jeremy Jones, Terje Haakonsen, Josh Dirksen
Directed by Jeremy Jones, Jon Klaczkiewicz
Two years after the debut of Deeper, Jones takes his big mountain freeriding experience into more backcountry terrain in Further. In the spirit of the 2010 film, he continues his epic shredding project in Further by minimizing his impact on climate change, using human power instead of helicopters to reach remote riding locations. As a result of his transcendent work, Jones was named 2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.
Horgasm: A Love Story (2012)
Horgasm: A Love Story
Genre Documentary
Stars Torstein Horgmo
Directed by Tobias Frøystad
In one of the most beloved snowboarding documentaries of all time, pro rider Torstein Horgmo takes viewers on a two-year journey designed to delve deep into his love and obsession with snowboarding. This happy-go-lucky rollercoaster of a journey goes beyond the fun and lighthearted moments of Horgmo’s career, covering the pressures and obstacles that made him a record-breaking athlete.
Higher (2014)
g 100m
Genre Documentary
Stars Jeremy Jones, Bryan Iguchi, Ryland Bell
Directed by Todd Jones, Steve Jones, Jeremy Jones
For the third and final installment in his snowboarding trilogy, Jones points his camera at the many wonders of nature closer to home by shredding at some of his favorite spots like Jackson Hole and Lake Tahoe. He also makes history by making the first-ever descents in the Eastern Alaska Range and the Himalayas of Nepal. It’s a stunning conclusion to the greatest snowboarding series out there. 
As the Crow Flies (2017)
As the Crow Flies
Genre Documentary
Stars Gigi Rüf, Elias Elhardt, Kazuhiro Kokubo
Directed by Thomaz Autran Garcia
Join a stellar cast of international snowboarding stars as they journey around the globe to find adventure, the best snow, the gnarliest lines, and the most unique features. These joyous riders shred through a number of rare and remote locales, including an abandoned medieval Italian village. Thanks to gorgeous cinematography, you’ll feel like you’re riding right along side them.
The Art of Flight (2011)
The Art of Flight
pg-13 80m
Genre Adventure, Documentary
Stars Travis Rice, Nicolas Muller, Mark Landvik
Directed by Curt Morgan
Snowboarding phenom Travis Rice and some of his amazing friends shred the Alaskan spines in a cool film shot with Planet Earth-type cinematography. Although it has a feel of a buddy film with the guys, The Art of Flight is a visual masterpiece that blends great action sequences with amazing camera work. It is widely regarded as the cream of the crop among snowboard movies. 

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