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The ultimate ski gift guide for anyone who loves powder days

Wrapped presents with a red background
George Dolgikh / Pexels

It’s about that time of year again, The Season of Giving. Gift-giving has, without failure, been an Achilles Heel of mine, mainly because I procrastinate — just waiting around for the gift of all gifts to just plop right down before my eyes. It’s never happened, and I don’t think it ever will.

What follows is hours of Googling and awkwardly vague phone calls with friends and family about their hobbies and interests that sound a little like, “Hey, Dad! You still doing [insert interest or hobby]?” This process usually culminates in a rushed gift-buying process that can be super hit-or-miss.

So, if you’re like me and need a bit of inspiration for gift ideas, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for a particular type of ski, a ski helmet that can withstand the test of gnar, a jacket that can tackle the Amazon or Mt. Everest, or any other gifts for skiers, we have the info you need so you can write a W in the gift-giving win column this year.

Ninja Suit Pro II
Air Blaster / Air Blaster

Air blaster ninja suit

is a must-have for those looking to log laps on the hill regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. This ultra-warm one-piece made of 94% recycled polyester and 6% spandex includes:

  • Patented Schoeller Nanosphere at the hood chest, shoulders and upper back yoke for ultimate water repellency and breathability
  • Durable nylon-blend compression fabric at the cuffs, knees, and lower rear leg
  • A full-length 2-way zipper for easy entry and bathroom breaks
  • Thumb loops at the cuffs
  • A chest pocket for easy storage and access

Apollo Silver Phoozy Phone Sleeve
Phoozy / Phoozy

Phoozy NASA phone sleeve

Talk about a phone sleeve that’s out of this world! Made from the same NASA materials that were developed to protect astronauts from the extreme conditions of outer space, provides military-grade protection from the sun, heat, cold, and shock while also providing float protection. May the days of dead phones on the chairlift be over!

Line Apres Bootie

LINE Après Ski Booties

There is nothing like the feeling of unclipping your ski boots after a long day out on the hill and heading to the apres. Now, imagine ripping off the clunkers and showing up to apres in a warm and cozy ski bootie.

The LINE Après Ski Bootie reimagines how to après in style and comfort. Taking the original fan favorite Après Bootie, LINE has added a cinch pull on top of the tongue and a collapsible heel pocket to allow you to slip them on like a slipper or wear them like a shoe.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen outerwear

When thinking of top-of-the-line ski outerwear, only one brand comes to mind: Helly Hansen. Since 1984 with the launch of Helly Tech®, Helly Hansen has pushed the boundaries of waterproof, windproof, and breathable clothing technologies. Seriously, the powder hound in your circle won’t know what to do with themselves if they’re gifted anything from Helly Hansen. Plus, the purchase of a ski jacket or pants from the latest HH collection may come with a “Ski Free” offer which offers a free 1-day lift ticket, 2-for-1 lift tickets, and more. If Ski Free piques your interest, look for the Ski Free hang-tag on Helly Hansen outerwear; only clothing with that tag qualify for the offer!

QST Range Skis from Salomon

Salomon skis

are perfect gifts for that special skier. Packed with the latest downhill technology, Salomon offers three ski collections: QST, STANCE, and MTN.

QST skis are a versatile and dependable mountain companion for skiing anything on the mountain, whether you shred rails, groomers, or backcountry.

STANCE skis offer the latest in speed. “Crafted to charge,” the STANCE collection features metal laminate construction and a race-inspired sidecut, making it a must-have for speed demons and carving fiends!

The MTN collection removes all of the excess weight that comes with other downhill skis, making it the perfect set to trek the skin track in the backcountry and crush those eventual descents.

Different color variations of Arcade Belts
Arcade Belts / Arcade Belts

Arcade belts

Do you find your ski pants sagging after a hardcore rip down the hill? Well, make sure that problem never happens again. Made with high-quality elastic materials to ensure durability and functionality, Arcade Belts don’t just keep your pants up, but their variety of styles and colors keep you looking good in the process.

Beige Beyond Clothing jacket on model
Beyond Clothing / Beyond Clothing

Beyond Clothing jacket

Beyond Clothing’s offers protection from any climate from lightweight pullovers, hoodies, and rugged rainproof shells to insulating jackets and polar parkas. So, whether you’re looking to battle wind or stay safe in subzero temperatures, Beyond Clothing has your back (literally).

Black Bern Hendrix ski helmet on a white background
Bern Helmets / Bern Helmets

Bern Hendrix helmet

Keep that skier you love safe this year with . Packed with the latest in MIPS technology and built with a compass fit, the Hendrix from Bern is the ultimate melon protector with an all-season style to keep them looking rad throughout the winter.

The Mountain Gazette print magazine held on a wood table
The Mountain Gazette / The Mountain Gazette

Mountain Gazette subscription

Give that special someone a breath of fresh air with A-1 outdoor journalism with a . This print magazine aims to “deliver stories straight from the hearts of mountain town people to your inbox, feed, and mailbox” with bi-annual issues jam-packed with pics, stories, and tales from some of the gnarliest photographers, writers, and adventurers alive today.

Colorful k2 BOA ski boot on a white background
K2 Snow / K2 Snow

K2 BOA boots

are some of the cleanest and most innovative ski boots are the market. The BOA Fit System and Multi Fit Last were specifically designed to fit a variety of foot shapes, leading to a more dialed-in performance and a micro-adjustable precision fit.

In addition to the BOA Fit System, K2’s newest boot offers additional features like a fully heat moldable Powerlite Shell, FastFit Instep, Honeycomb boot board, and Gripwalk outsoles.

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