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Best Memorial Day Mountain Bike Deals and Sales for 2021

You may find it hard to resist today’s Memorial Day mountain bike deals. We are monitoring Memorial Day sales in all major categories and will continue to do so throughout the sales event. We’re fully aware that Prime Day sales are likely to have deeper discounts and that Prime Day is expected to fall sometime in the second half of June. However, this year’s Memorial Day mountain bike deals are active today and with significant savings. If you buy now, you will get out on the hills and trails weeks faster than if you buy during the Prime Day sales.

Best Memorial Day Mountain Bike Deals

Should You Shop the Memorial Day Mountain Bike Sales?

The only reason to hit the pause button on buying a new ride from the selection of Memorial Day mountain bike deals is if you’re not in a hurry and would rather wait a few weeks to see what you can score during Prime Day. The Prime Day deals for mountain bikes and other outdoor equipment include wider selections and, in general, lower prices. But if you see compelling Memorial Day mountain bike deals, you should realize that same model, size, and color may not be cheaper during Prime Day, and it might even sell out and be unavailable if you wait.

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There’s no question, however, that overall Prime Day bike deals will include vastly more choices and typically greater discounts than during the Memorial Day sales. In fact, this year’s Prime Day bike sales will likely be at the lowest prices of the year. If your bike-buying strategy encompasses the full year, don’t assume that if you wait until Black Friday in November that you’ll score even greater savings than during Prime Day. There probably will be some lowest-price-of-the-year mountain bike deals during Black Friday, but in general, the Prime Day prices will match or even beat Black Friday prices.

Why the turnaround in price cuts during the two mega sales events? A few factors are in play here, particularly for 2021. In the past two years, Prime Day price cuts overall have been close to, the same as, or in some cases even better than the Black Friday sales.

Last year’s Prime Day was delayed until October due to pandemic-related concerns about Amazon’s warehouse staffing and an expected slowdown in consumer spending. Consumers actually increased their spending for anything used for exercise, work, cooking, and entertainment. Outdoor sports equipment sales also did well during the pandemic, despite declining or exhausted inventories and shipping delays. This year many restrictions on local travel have loosened or been lifted entirely, parks are open, and interest is still high in exercise at home and outdoor activities.

In addition, October isn’t traditionally a hot market for outdoor fitness and sports equipment other than winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and skating. For that reason, retailers with already depleted inventories didn’t have much to sell and not much motivation to offer killer deals during Prime Day 2020.

But this year, the Prime Day outlook for mountain bikes and other outdoor exercise equipment and gear is excellent. Factories have rebooted, retailers have been busy restocking inventories, and the early summer Prime Day date coincides when mountain bikes and other types of bicycles have sold extremely well and enjoyed the deepest discounts.

So Prime Day bike sales will be amazing. But many of the same factors also hold true for Memorial Day mountain bike sales. If you don’t want to wait for Prime Day but would rather get back on the hills and trails as quickly as possible, this is indeed an excellent opportunity for you to score a great deal on an awesome new mountain bike.

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