Shore Thing: 10 Beach Essentials Every Guy Needs


Isn’t summer great? It’s our favorite time of year and as things start warming up, we’re headed straight to the beach. However, it’s easy to get bogged down with too much gear. When we’re getting set for a day on the shore, we try to keep it clean and concise. Here are our top ten beach essentials for a perfect day at the shore:

A Quality Blanket

Pendleton x Tanner Goods Saddle Blanket $100


A great day at the beach starts with a great foundation, meaning a big blanket. This collaboration between two of our favorite brands – Pendleton and Tanner Goods brings the best of the Pacific Northwest to the shoreline. It’s made of sturdy woolen jacquard fabric so it will stand up to years of use and become a staple of your beach excursions.

Protect Your Skin

All Good SPF 30 Sunscreen $16


Skin cancer is no joke (along with the progressive aging that sun exposure can accelerate). Choose an SPF of at least 30 and look for one with minimal chemicals. All Good makes a great one that has organic green tea, rose hips and buriti oil for repairing damaged skin. Plus all of their products are manufactured to minimize damage to natural elements that typically see it from sunscreen exposure (like reefs).


Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Horseshoe Set $16

best beach essentials for men horseshoe crown sporting goods set
Spikeball “Combo Meal” $60

best beach essentials for men spikeball

Although the options are limitless, two of our favorites are the classic Horseshoes and new guy Spikeball. Both are easy to set up and light on the shoulders for that long walk from the parking lot to the sand. Spikeball is especially great for the sand as the game can get hectic at times and sand just happens to be a great cushion for bumps and falls as you and your friends get sucked into the competition.

Keep Your Cool

Coleman 30-Can Soft Cooler $23


You’ve worked up a sweat, so it’s time for a cold one. We like this option from Coleman that can hold up to 30 cans and has a removable inner shell for easy breakdown at the end of the day. It has all the essentials and can hold a 12-pack plus snacks that need to be kept cold. You’ll stay refreshed all day long.

Bonus: If you’re going to the taproom before the beach, bring a growler and fill up on your favorite brew. Hydroflask’s 32 oz. growler is the perfect partner and will fit nicely in your cooler too.


MiiR 20L Daypack $119


Some traditionalists like beach totes, but we prefer a waterproof backpack that keeps any unforeseen high tides and pesky sand at bay. MiiR’s 20-liter daypack is made from bombproof 630D Nylon with a water-resistant finish plus a polyurethane inner coating for extra protection. It’s a slick looking bag with a roll-top that you can stuff to the brim with all of your beach day essentials.

Light Camping Chairs

Sunyear Foldable Camp Chair $43


Don’t sit in the sand all day. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a reprieve during the midday heat. There are a number of affordable, lightweight and durable options to put in your day bag. Bring a portable ottoman and you’ve got it made.

Keep the Sand at the Beach

Johnson’s Baby Powder $2


Getting all of the sand off before you leave the beach is a tough proposition. An insider’s tip is to bring a bottle of baby powder with you. It wicks away moisture, allowing the sand to dry out further. Just sprinkle it on your skin and rub the sand off.

Lockable Storage Situation

AquaVault FlexSafe $39


It’s an age-old problem: Keeping valuables secure while you’re away from your beach setup. There are a number of small safe options on the market that are of a reasonable weight and size so they won’t bog you down. You can either attach to a stationary object or opt for a standalone version so you can have peach of mind while splashing in the waves.

Don’t Skimp on Sunglasses

Kaenon Strand $229

Kaenon-Strand Sunglasses

We’ve all done it – trying to get by with cheap lens or frames only to have our eyes hurt after a day in the sun. Just like sunscreen, eye protection matters. Because we only want to take one pair with us, we like the Strand from Kaenon. They’re built with a number of protective features and look good while taking care of our eyes. Perfect for a few sets on the volleyball court, and handsome enough for the bar after the day has wrapped up.