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Best 4th of July Lawn Mower Sales and Deals for 2021

The 4th of July sales have arrived, and if you’re looking to upgrade your lawn game, now’s a fine time to grab a new mower. These things span a pretty wide range of price points, designs, and features, and if you don’t know what to look for (maybe it’s your first mower, or you’re replacing that old hand-me-down and you want to get up to speed on the latest models), then it behooves you to do a little research — and to find a good deal. We can help with both: Below, we’ve rounded up all the best 4th of July lawn mower deals, followed by some buying advice so you can jump right in and get shopping.

Best 4th of July Lawn Mower Deals 2021

Should You Buy a Lawn Mower on 4th of July?

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If you’re ready to go dad mode and finally learn how to mow your lawn, or if you’re already a seasoned landscaper and just need some new equipment, these July 4 lawn mower sales are likely to be the best chance during the summer to grab it at a discount. The soonest we’ll see similar sales will be Labor Day, but there’s no guarantee we’ll see lawn mower deals as good as these, let alone discounts that are even better.

Plus, summer is peak lawn-mowing season, and do you really want to wait several months in the slim chance that you’ll score a better bargain? Our sincere advice: If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, now’s the time to buy. These 4th of July lawn mower deals will get you ready to keep your yard in tip-top shape all summer long, and save you some cash in the process. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, before you rush into these 4th of July lawn mower sales.

How To Choose a Lawn Mower on 4th of July

When shopping these 4th of July lawn mower sales, you’ll first have to determine what style of mower you want and what your budget is, which will largely determine what mower you end up with. The vast majority of people still favor run-of-the-mill motorized push mowers, which are cost-effective, don’t require too much storage space, and are good for small and medium-sized lawns (a quarter acre to a half-acre or so).

But you’ve got other options. For large lawns (or if you’re even thinking of starting a lawn care business), you’ll probably want to consider springing for a riding mower. That’s the large tractorlike mower that you sit on, although you’re not likely to find many 4th of July lawn mower deals for these online. For a smaller lawn, or for those who are more eco-conscious or on the tightest of budgets, a manual push lawn mower might be an option — and yes, those still exist. These push mowers that aren’t self-propelled, though, and will be more of a chore to use in thick grass or on slopes. Most motorized and electric mowers are self-propelled and require less muscle to move around.

Manual non-powered mowers aren’t always the most efficient, as you can imagine, but another option is an electric lawn mower. Electric mowers are often quite cost-effective (more so once you consider that they don’t drink gas, which is another plus for both the environment and your wallet). Thankfully, today’s electric models have more muscle than those of yesteryear, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about an underpowered unit being incapable of tacking your lawn. If you’re curious about that, though, be sure to read customer reviews to see what owners are saying before you pull the trigger on any 4th of July lawn mower deals that catch your eye.

Although liquid fuel isn’t a concern with electric mowers, range definitely is (just as it is with electric vehicles). Corded models are cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about charging them, but, of course, you’re limited by the power cable. Cordless models with internal batteries need charging, and this will also limit their range. If you’re considering an electric model from among these 4th of July lawn mower sales, know your yard’s size and pay attention to the manufacturer-specified range. On the bright side, electric motors are simpler and require less maintenance than gas-powered units — another point for electric mowers.

That’s not to say that gas-powered mowers aren’t a good option. Gas motors still deliver more cutting power and a larger operating range (not to mention quick refueling if the motor runs out of juice mid-mow), and for larger lawns, gas mowers are still favored by most people. In this instance, you may even want to consider a riding mower if you have the garage or shed space to store it. Not only are they easier and arguably more fun to operate, but they’re also faster and more efficient, covering much more ground in much less time than push mowers. Online lawn mower deals for these are scarce, however.

As we mentioned earlier, gas motors require more maintenance. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with what oil and spark plugs you need, for example, which requires extra time and money. Ultimately, what kind of machine you choose from the 4th of July lawn mower sales will be determined more by your lawn size than anything else. People with smaller yards will benefit most from the cost savings and efficiency of an electric mower, while larger yards will likely necessitate a gas-powered mower or even a riding mower. Those with medium-sized properties will be faced with a tougher choice between the two and might want to weigh the other factors we mentioned more heavily.

Finally, robot mowers are a newer development that are worth mentioning. Although many people may enjoy the ritual of lawn mowing, for many others, it’s simply a necessary chore (and an unpleasant one in the hot, humid summer months). If you’re in that camp, a robotic mower might be worth a look. These are more expensive than push mowers but usually cheaper than riding mowers, especially if you can find a good one among these 4th of July lawn mower sales. Just bear in mind that these robo-mowers are really best suited for small to medium lawns, and you’ll want to make sure your yard is clear of anything, like rocks or branches, that you don’t want to end up in the mower’s blades before you let it loose.

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