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Academy Sports 4th of July Sale: Up to 50% Off Outdoor Gear

The Fourth of July is all about being outside and having fun with friends and family, which is why it’s also one of the best times to grab some Fourth of July deals on outdoor gear, from water shoes to trampolines. Thankfully, Academy Sports is having a pretty massive Fourth of July sale right now with up to 50% off a variety of items, so click on the button below for the full sale. We’ve also picked out some of our favorite deals, so give a peek at those as well!

Body Glove Men’s Riptide III Water Shoes — $15, Was $20

Body Glove Men's Riptide III Water Shoes.
Academy Sports

Going out in the water, whether a pool or the ocean, can be a little bit dangerous if you’re going out with bare feet. At the pool, the lack of traction with so much water and smooth tiles could cause a pretty unfortunate slip, and out in the ocean, you don’t want to stop on anything sharp or venomous. That’s why these Body Glove water shoes are a good solution since they provide both traction and protection from the elements while also being made of a lightweight and breathable neoprene that allows you to swim just as easily as if you weren’t wearing them.

H2OGO! Family Fun Pool — $30, Was $40

H2OGO Family Fun Pool.
Academy Sports

As the summer months roll around, you may want to take a refreshing dip in a pool, which might be expensive or difficult if you don’t own one. Thankfully, this inflatable pool from H2OGO! is a nice alternative. It can hold up to 152 gallons of water, making it big enough for at least an adult and a couple of kids. Also, since it’s inflatable, it’s easier to pack and store away when you don’t need it, which is a big plus if you don’t have a large garden or area to set up permanently.

AGame 12-Foot Round Trampoline with Enclosure — $130, Was $200

AGame 12-foot round trampoline with enclosure for outdoors.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s just something viscerally fun about a trampoline, although they do sometimes have safety issues. That’s why we’re pretty happy with this one from AGame, as they’ve taken several steps to mitigate any issues, such as the 12-foot galvanized steel frame and netting to help any wrong bounces ending up outside, as well as the padding along the frame of the trampoline. As for the trampoline itself, it has a 12-foot radius, so you have tons of space to bounce on, and with a 220-pound weight limit, almost anybody should be able to use it.

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