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Schulz & Malley: Everyday Grooming Products

Colin Malley and Matthew Radasch met when both were working in the cosmetics industry. Malley worked in branding and design, and Radasch was on the product side, putting it together. To Radasch, Malley was a graffiti punk, while Malley thought of Radasch as a suit. They still became friends, and one night, while drinking beers and hanging out in a dive bar in downtown Manhattan, the pair realized that there was no grooming line that catered to men’s needs. They felt that the industry was short-changing men. So they came up with the idea for their own line of grooming products that night. Malley and Radasch decided to call it Schulz & Malley — Schulz is Radasch’s mother’s maiden name.

Schulz & Malley believes in making products that are superior to those that are already on the market, stuff that men will actually use. Schulz & Malley makes four products — a Cleansing Face Wash, a Pre-Shave Oil, a Brushless Shave Cream, and an After-Shave Balm. The Cleansing Face Wash contains salicylic acid to help unclog pores, as well as aloe and echinacea extracts to help soothe and moisturize skin. The Pre-Shave Oil provides slip and glide so that there’s no friction — and cuts — while you shave. It contains anti-inflammatory and skin conditioning oils. The Brushless Shave Cream can be paired with the Pre-Shave Oil and has a proprietary botanical blend that includes sea kelp extract, Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E. The After-Shave Balm is lightweight and non-greasy, plus it has cooling menthol and Oat Kernel extract to soothe your skin post shave. Want to try it all at once? Go for The Regiment, which is packed with all of Schulz & Malley’s products.

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