Try These Mid-Movember ‘Stache Styling Tips

mustache styling

Every Movember since 2003, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have been raising awareness and funding for important men’s health issues like testicular cancer, prostrate cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

What started as just 30 ‘staches has grown into a movement of 5 million supporters globally! Look around you’ll see more Movember mustaches than ever before. Why not make this your most handsome Movember yet? You can get your Mo professional help at the California cool Daniel Alfonso Men’s Salon. Or, try doing it yourself with these mustache styling tips from the man himself, celebrity stylist, Daniel Alfonso.


Do you have any Movember growing advice to share? How can Mo’s get through the itchy phase as comfortably as possible? 

When growing out a ‘stache, you have to leave it be and let it grow. There is an awkward phase for sure, but push through it. To help with mustache itch, make sure you are cleansing properly. Regular shampoos are meant for head hair, not androgenic facial hair. Many regular soaps and shampoos come with waxes that can clog pores and dry skin out, making beard itch even worse. Use a beard wash like Scotch Porter that’s sulfate free and conditions facial hair. You can also try beard oil like Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil infused with Amazonian Pracaxi oil to simultaneously smooth and soften unruly hair while hydrating facial skin. While on the go, refresh your facial hair throughout the day with beard wipes.

 Is there a universally flattering way to shape your Mo? And how do you get it to flow with your haircut and beard?   

Once it’s long enough, use a wooden comb like this one from First, comb hair down over the lip and then trim the extra-long hairs. When the hair is too long and goes into your lip it can look a little dirty. Use a mustache trimmer and trim up barely above your lip. I like my ‘stache a little thicker under my nose and then I taper it down by my lip. Cut it dry so you can see how it falls naturally. Getting it to flow with your beard depends on the cut. A lot of people with beards have shorter hair on the sides, so blend the sideburns into the haircut and keep it tight.

Is there a way to make a patchy Movember mustache look fuller while it’s growing in? 

Hair grows at different rates so keep it short while it grows in. It’s the same if a guy is balding. The shorter the longest layers of hair are the more it blends with the shortest pieces. Again, keep it tight. Some guys have thicker textured or coarser hair, so trim down with a high guard so it’s not as thick. You can also comb through waterproof mascara and make hair appear filled in.

What if your ‘stache comes in a different color than the hair on your head? Should you try and color it? 

You can, it goes to personal preference. Sometimes Just for Men is a good option for coloring grays or changing the color. If you want to mask grays, you can also go back to the waterproof mascara. Or just keep it!

Favorite celebrity mustache?  Johnny Depp!