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Get Acquainted With the Military-Approved Skincare Brand Bravo Sierra

For some of us, owning a reliable and resilient set of sustainable grooming products is indispensable. A dependable arsenal of tools should be priority No. 1 for anyone looking to keep up a clean and fresh appearance, but it’s particularly important for our military servicemen and veterans who need tough products that work just as hard as they do.

Bravo Sierra, one of the first body and skincare brands targeting the needs of military personnel, has quickly become one of our go-to favorites for stouthearted skincare goods, providing men with high-quality and sustainable products that are ready to take any mission head-on.

Co-founded by experienced entrepreneurs Justin Guilbert and Benjamin Bernet, the Bravo Sierra skincare line was made for servicemen with the help of servicemen. In many ways, the needs of our active-duty members are often ignored by the beauty world, and Bravo Sierra has dedicated its brand to — at the very least — supplying them with the grooming gear they deserve.

By inviting Special Ops veterans and current soldiers to participate in the Active Duty Field Testing Program, Bravo Sierra was able to assure its products were up for any challenge, whether it be protecting the health and hygiene of our active-duty members at home and abroad or supplying modern gentlemen in the U.S. with an essential selection of affordable products that actually work.

The Bravo Sierra skincare line features a simplistic yet comprehensive collection of everything a man needs to get through the day, from aluminum-free deodorant and bacteria-fighting body wipes to a versatile, four-in-one hair, body, and face wash and shave cream. Highlighted by crucial effectiveness and a cohesively designed fresh and manly fragrance of cedarwood and white vetiver, the line was designed for active lifestyles — military or not — that need brawny products to match.

Every product in the line is crafted with sustainability in mind, from the use of natural ingredients in the production process to ensuring everything goes down the drain or seeps into soil without degrading the environment.

Off the top, Bravo Sierra’s aluminum-free deodorant is a hard-working stick that belongs with you during deployment or in your everyday gym bag. Not only does it smell amazing, but the deodorant also utilizes the Brazil-native cassava plant to achieve its long-lasting protection against sweat and limit the growth of odor-producing bacteria.

The line also offers combination face and body wash, hair cleanser, and shave gel that provides tough-acting effectiveness for men who don’t have time for all the added pampering. Enriched with ginseng and blue algae, this versatile blend boasts an optimal texture that effectively energizes your skin and scalp, while also acting as a creamy, moisturizing shave gel so you can get all your grooming necessities out of the way with one product.

The Bravo Sierra skincare line offers a range of other handy products, too, including its 100% biodegradable body wipes, a “sharper shave” foam for sensitive skin, a style control hair grooming paste, a fast-absorbing face moisturizer, an SPF 30 protective face sunscreen, and an ultra-hydrating lip balm.

Bravo Sierra is also committed to sharing its newfound success with all of the military community by offering its cost-effective goods on military bases worldwide and contributing 5% of all civilian sales to the Morale Welfare and Recreation. The MWR carries out important programs that are devoted to making sure our U.S. military service members, veterans, and their families are appropriately taken care of at and away from home, whether it be setting up Wi-Fi connection and access to entertainment or participating in outdoor recreation activities and year-round sports leagues.

The Bravo Sierra grooming line, which features nothing priced over $14, is available for servicemen on U.S. military bases and the <span style="font-weight: 400;">Bravo Sierra </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">website.</span> 

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