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Why You Should Buy a Rice Cooker on Amazon Prime Day

Rice is one of my favorite additions to any meal, so naturally, a rice cooker is one of those essential kitchen appliances I have become all too reliant on. Whether I’m cooking teriyaki chicken, making burrito bowls, or whipping up a batch of fried rice, my rice maker has become one of my best friends in the kitchen. Perfectly cooked rice is one of those things that you don’t know you need in your life until you have it — which is why I am making the case for buying a rice cooker on Amazon Prime Day.

Now it’s not all that hard to cook rice on a stovetop, but it is difficult to get it perfect every time. It also it takes up precious burner space and you have to monitor it while it cooks to make sure it comes out alright. So though you don’t exactly need a rice cooker, that doesn’t mean it isn’t entirely worth buying in 2021.

Why You Should Buy a Rice Cooker

If you haven’t already been convinced that you need a rice maker in your life, let me hit you with the two main reasons to buy one: Convenience and precision.

Having a machine that takes all of the guesswork out of making those beautiful tiny grains is entirely too convenient for anyone that makes a lot of rice. What’s more, there are even some rice makers that come with a steamer basket attached that allows you to steam frozen dumplings, vegetables, and even bao buns. This frees up time for you to focus on everything else going on in the kitchen without worrying that your rice isn’t going to come out perfectly cooked.

This brings me to my second point about precision. Not only do you not have to worry about your rice getting fully cooked, but it is also going to come out perfect every single time. As long as you take proper care of your rice maker, it will keep treating you right.

Amazon always has rice cooker deals on Prime Day

Now that I’ve explained why you need a rice cooker in your life, it’s important to note that Amazon Prime Day is a great time to get one for cheap. Every year some of the best discounts are Prime Day Appliance deals, and there are always price cuts on rice cookers available. If you are going to add one of these great appliances to your home, tomorrow is an excellent time to find one for cheap.

Which Rice Maker Should You Buy?

There are a lot of different rice cooker models on the market right now, but it really boils down to three distinct categories: Standard rice cookers, Rice cookers with steam baskets, and multicookers. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences and benefits of each.

Standard rice cookers

The most common rice cookers do exactly what you’d expect — they cook rice. There is a wide variety of models with different settings in this category, but if all you care about is cooking rice then it isn’t all that important which brand you go with. One thing to keep in mind when buying a cheaper rice cooker, however, is that you need to pay attention to what size your buying and how much rice it can actually make.

Rice cookers with steam baskets

Rice cookers with a steaming function are a bit more expensive than your standard models, but they come with the added benefit of 2-in-1 cooking. I personally have the Tiger Micom Rice Cooker and it is absolutely terrific. The addition of the steaming basket allows me to steam potstickers and broccoli to perfection without me having to do anything other than load the ingredients into it.


Multicookers are a great option for anyone who wants a rice maker but has limited counter space. They usually offer a wide range of functions, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, and rice making. One of the most common multicookers on the market right now is the Instant Pot, which tends to get heavily discounted on Prime Day.

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