Stillhouse Spirits Names G-Eazy Partner & Co-Creative Director

Stillhouse Whiskey and G Easy
You’ve seen Stillhouse Spirits around, even if you don’t know it. Packaged in distinctive (and proprietary) red stainless steel cans (the ones that look like paint thinner, but won’t kill you if you drink it, obviously), they stand out on the shelves (and, according to the company, “go where glass can’t”).

This stand-out approach extends to their product line which, in addition to having an un-aged corn whiskey, has flavors such as coconut, mint chip, and crisp apple. The man behind these products, CEO & Founder Brad Beckerman is taking the company a step further with the announcement that multi-platinum rapper and producer G-Eazy is now a Partner and the Co-Creative Director for Stillhouse Spirits.

G Eazy and Stillhouse
Stillhouse CEO Brad Beckerman and G-Eazy/Stillhouse

The Oakland-based G-Eazy (Gerald Earl Gillum), known for songs such as “I Mean It” and “Shake It Up” (as well as his new album “The Beautiful & Damned”) said he wanted to work with Stillhouse because of a shared vision with Beckerman.

“I wanted to partner with Brad because he has this infectious energy and passion for the brand he’s continuing to grow,” Gillum said in a statement.

On Beckerman’s end, he said Gillum’s drive and creativity were keys for him in entering this partnership. Gillum’s partnership is his first in the spirits industry and, according to a release, helped close a significant round of funding for Stillhouse.

The first task Gillum will be taking on is the expansion of the brand into the Louisiana market, a big deal for the rapper as it is where he went to school.


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