Review: Wyoming’s Best New Bourbon?

wyoming whiskey
Based in Kirby, Wyoming (population 94, as of 2013), Wyoming Whiskey has set out to make a whiskey evocative of the place it’s made. The Mead family, who own the distillery, have been in the state for over a century and they’re now putting their ranching and farming know-how and ethic into creating whiskies.

Nose: Caramel comes through on the nose more than anything, followed by hints of vanilla and a strong bit of cinnamon. There’s a little bit of minerality, too, that goes pretty well with the aforementioned scents. It’s a pleasant introduction to the whiskey.

Palate:  Caramel, sweet corn, and vanilla are boosted by dark notes like cocoa, oak, and spices. There are hints, too, of citrus there that complement the darker notes nicely. This is an easy-to-drink bourbon, through and through.

Finish: Medium finish with spice notes that hang around just long enough.

Thoughts: Bourbons that come from places that don’t start with Ken- and end in –tucky get the short end of the stick more often than not (with no help from the common misconception that for bourbon to be bourbon it needs to come from Kentucky). Wyoming Whiskey has done a good job of making a name for non-Kentucky bourbons with this batch. Given a little more time, too, I think this bourbon will just get better. It’s good already, but you can taste the potential in it, too.

Wyoming Whiskey’s small batch bourbon retails for $39.

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