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Nutribullet Brew Choice Pod + Carafe Coffee Maker Review

Cup and carafe coffee machine by Nurtibullet.

Nutribullet, the company dedicated to bringing you the best and most personalized blending experience possible, is spreading its wings. The company’s first venture out of the blending/juicing arena was into air fryers, with its Magic Bullet air fryer. After seeing great success, the next logical step was obviously coffee makers, and Nutribullet has recently released its Brew Choice Pod + Carafe coffee maker.

Nutribullet has always been about providing versatile appliances that offer a personalized experience, and this coffee maker falls right in line. They were kind enough to let us be one of the first to try out their brand-new Brew Choice. Here’s what we thought.

How it Works

Nutribullet Brew Choice Pod with a person using the carafe serving coffee with breakfast food on the table.

The Brew Choice Pod + Carafe coffee maker is perfect for any household because of its ability to satisfy the needs of any type of coffee drinker. If you have a pot-a-day coffee habit, the Brew Choice has a massive 12-cup carafe. On the other hand, maybe you like to limit your coffee intake to a cup or two a day. The Brew Choice is compatible with disposable K-Cups, and it comes with a reusable pod that’s a mini washable coffee filter — you just add ground coffee. The Brew Sense technology automatically detects whether you’re brewing for a carafe or a cup. If you like a large cup of coffee, you can brew an ten-ounce cup using the reusable pod. It comes with a removable water reservoir that makes for easy filling if you have a water filtration system attached to your sink.


Nutribullet Brew Choice Pod + Carafe Coffee Maker with two coffee cups on the side and whole coffee beans.

Across multiple tests, the Nutribullet performed great. The controls are about as straightforward as you can get with any machine. If you want to brew a carafe of coffee, just turn the control knob to the right and select the pot size. For a cup, just turn it to the left and select the cup size. After choosing the amount you want to brew, you simply press the brew button in the middle. You can brew a 12-cup pot in about 9 to 10 minutes and a standard cup in just a few minutes.

What’s Great About the Nutribullet Brew Choice

With the Brew Choice, there are a lot of pros and very few cons. What we loved most about this unit was its versatility. The K-Cup brewer and reusable pod filter were easily interchangeable with the carafe filter. We really liked how, with the reusable pod, you can brew up to a 10-ounce cup. The included coffee scoop helps quickly measure the correct amount of coffee you need for any brew style. The machine also accommodates travel mugs up to seven inches tall, which is crucial for brewing coffee for your morning commute. The unit is sleek and stylish enough to live on your countertop. When brewing, it’s not the quietest machine, yet we wouldn’t consider it loud by any means.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

The Nutribullet Brew Choice Pod on a white backdrop.

The Brew Choice didn’t have any glaring negatives, more so just some things to consider. The biggest setback about this machine is its size. Looking at it straight ahead, it seems narrow and compact, which it is. But, its 15 inches tall and almost 8 inches deep. The height could be an issue for kitchens with lower cabinets, and the depth might be a problem if you have limited countertop and storage space.

Another point to consider is the sleep mode. To save energy, the Brew Choice enters sleep mode if it’s been inactive for 5 minutes, or 1 hour if the heat plate begins to cool. This feature, combined with the glass carafe, does not bode well for coffee drinkers who want to return to a hot pot of coffee multiple times throughout the day. If that is something you’re looking for in a coffee maker, one with an insulated carafe or a continuous heat plate might be a better option.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we have almost nothing but good things to say about the Nutribullet Brew Choice Pod + Carafe coffee maker. The standout feature of this unit is its reusable pod feature. It’s not only environmentally friendly but gives you the option to brew different-sized cups with the coffee of your choice. The main drawbacks for this coffee maker are its overall size and a heat plate for the carafe. Its automatic sleep mode may cause you to reheat a cup now and then.

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