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Bar Flies Rejoice: Dill Pickle Ranch Peanuts are Here

lord nut
We’ve raved in the past about the surprising flavor combinations created by Lord Nut, and now they have our attention again. The clever peanut company has come up with a brand new taste sensation: Dill Pickle Ranch. Bet your saliva glands just kicked in at the mention of this flavor.

Pop open a can of these at a party and watch them quickly disappear. Of course, you might want to hide them and serve your guests the crudite tray instead. Save the peanuts for your own enjoyment.

We are big fans of the other flavors on offer too. The company produces Spicy Bloody Mary, Hot Buffalo, White Cheddar & Jalapeño, Thai Curry and Lemongrass, and Zesty Chili Lime. Each 8 oz. can retails for $4.99. Or pick up a ‘nut case’ of your choice of any six flavors for $29.99.

‘Nutrepreneur’ Sanjiv Patel founded the company in 2011 after helping Stacy’s Pita Chips grow in popularity. The peanuts are on the shelves of more than 1,500 stores in 46 states. Plus, you can buy them on the company website here.

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