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This Pulled Pork Walking Taco Recipe Is a Delicious Twist on Frito Pie

Frito pie – the delicious concoction of chili, lots of cheese, and the eponymous Fritos — is a great meal at pretty much any time of the day. (OK, maybe not breakfast, but if you throw some potatoes in there and call it a breakfast Frito pie, we think you’re in the clear). What makes Frito pie even better is the fact that, in some iterations, it’s portable. All you have to do is cut the top off of a bag of Fritos and drop the goods in.

A close cousin to the Frito pie is the walking taco. Same deal, but you might swap out Fritos for a different type of chip if you so desire, and maybe just do ground beef or chicken in place of the chili. Thankfully for us and our barbecue-loving ways, one restaurant, Lillie’s Q in Chicago, has taken the walking taco and ‘cue-i-fied it. By using pimento cheese potato chips, pulled pork, homemade slaw, and barbecue sauce, you’ve basically made a portable barbecue sandwich that won’t get everywhere when you try and eat it.

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Think about how much easier (and cleaner) picnics could be if all you needed to do was cut the top off the chip bag, drop your pork in, and be done with it while simultaneously not worrying about getting sauce all over your pants as it falls from the sandwich and splashes off the cheap paper plate you’ve got on your lap?

What we’re trying to say here is we think this barbecue walking taco is as easy as it is delicious and that you should be making them all spring and summer long.

If you need a recipe for pulled pork, check out this piece, which delivers pulled pork three different ways. Then, load up on pimento cheese chips and go to town.

Lillie’s Q Walking Taco

Lillies Q Walking Taco
Lillie’s Q


  • 1 each 1.375 oz Bag Pimento Cheese Chips
  • Pork 90 g (roughly 3 oz)
  • Chopped cabbage slaw 60 g (roughly 2 oz)*
  • Sauce of your choosing 30 g (roughly 1 oz)**


  1. Turn Bag Sideways and cut with scissors from top of bag to bottom of bag.
  2. Squeeze the bag slightly to break up the chips into smaller bite-size pieces.
  3. Place the pulled pork in the bag.
  4. Place the slaw in the bag.
  5. Place the sauce in the bag.
  6. Put a fork in the bag and enjoy.

*Slaw: Toss chopped cabbage with Lillie’s Q Ivory to your taste.  It can be as light or as creamy as you like your slaw.

**Sauce: Depending on what style of barbecue you’re looking for, Lillie’s Q has a variety of sauces, including a Smoky barbecue sauce barbecue sauce, the mustard-based Carolina Gold, or the ENC (Eastern North Carolina) sauce.

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