Ice Ice Baby: The “World’s Oldest Startup” Redefines Cool

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83d39cc1a93a74efe7d9a1816d3d83ad_originalThe weather outside may be starting to get closer to frightful, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop drinking cocktails. Hardly. What better time to belly up to a bar is there than when, if you go outside, you lose all feeling in your fingers and toes? When you go to a bar, though, what could be worse than having a craft cocktail ruined by bad ice?

Started by and named after the original “Ice King,” Frederic Tudor, the Tudor Ice Company (established in 1806) through their new Kickstarter campaign, is ready to bring top-quality ice cubes to restaurants, bars, and homes across the world.

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Using a 9-stage water filtration process developed in-house, Tudor ice cubes are almost pure water (less than 10 parts per million of dissolved solids and less than 1ppm dissolved oxygen for the science-oriented readers out there), which means that as they melt they do not change the flavor of what you’re drinking.In short, these cubes are all chill, no dil(ution).

Not only is the ice made with water so clean you could eat off it(you know, if it were frozen), but the cubes are also designed to melt slower, keeping your drink cooler longer. The blocks are 2.25” squared, giving them a larger surface area than the comparable amount of ice in smaller cubes.

In short, these cubes are better than cool. They’re ice cold. Get in on the Tudor Ice Company’s Kickstarter here and be the chillest cocktail connoisseur on the block.

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