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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses Takes Tequila to New Heights

Himalayan salt shot glasses
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When throwing back shots of Tequila Cabeza, your favorite mezcal, or El Jimador, having salt and a slice of lime on hand has become absolutely necessary for some, while others have taken pride in the no-backs, no-chasers mentality to fully experience tequila’s complex flavor.

For those who do choose to enjoy their agave shooters with the popularized before-and-after shot routine, these Himalayan salt shot glasses may make you think twice about skipping Taco Tuesday.

These unique shot glasses were solely created to complement the smoky and slightly sweet flavor of your favorite agave liqueurs. Each piece is hand carved from a single piece of pink Himalayan salt, which is a mineral packed crystal that is imbued with a variety of trace minerals from its ancient sea bed abodes.

The salt provided from these shooters will add a subtle salinity to any shot of choice. Keep in mind, though, that these glasses are made of salt and they will dissolve when left with in contact with liquid for too long–and your drink will begin to brine. When taken as intended, you’ll be astonished at how much Himalayan salt enhances the flavor of your favorite tequila, especially compared to regular ol’ table salt.

The glasses boast a natural, anti-bacterial surface that requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, although keeping the shot glass dry at all times is extremely important. Simply rinse the glass after use and dry immediately with a paper towel.

You could also look into other intriguing ways to utilize Himalayan salt. For instance, Sea Salt provides a wide variety of this nutrient packed salt product, from coarse to fine grinds, which add some fresh new flavors in the kitchen. With its versatility, himalayan salt makes for an amazing holiday gift.

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