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Is there a Hello Fresh Black Friday Deal in 2022?

Have you been thinking about signing up for Hello Fresh, the meal delivery kit subscription, but you’re just not sure the amazing make a meal at home kit is worth the price? Well, this Hello Fresh Black Friday Deal might finally push you to give the meal delivery service a try with savings of $46 off your first box.

In celebration of Black Friday, Hello Fresh is offering 16 free meals with a five-week subscription. Hello Fresh is also waiving shipping on the first box and throwing in three surprise treats with the five-week plan. This deal will save new customers $130.

If you’re still not sure this Hello Fresh Black Friday Deal is worth trying, or you have no idea how Hello Fresh works, read more about the perks of joining one of the best meal subscription boxes around.

Today’s Best Hello Fresh Black Friday Deal

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that helps reduce the stress involved with meal planning and food shopping. How often have you sat down to think about what you want for dinner every night of the week and then created a shopping list around those recipes? Probably too many to count. Hello Fresh helps with both. HelloFresh delivers step-by-step recipes and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients right to your front door.

All you have to do is set your meal plan preferences with options like carnivores, vegetarians, low-calorie, family-friendly, and more. Just choose from the recipes you like best, and Hello Fresh will ship out easy-to-follow instructions and all the ingredients. It’s almost too damn simple.

Hello Fresh Black Friday Deal Savings

The Hello Fresh Black Friday Deal is a five-week subscription with 16 free meals thrown in. The amount of money saved on this Black Friday Deal depends on the customized plan you choose. For example, if you select a Hello Fresh Plan for two people with four recipes per week, the usual price for that box is $82. With this Black Friday Deal from Hello Fresh, the first box is only $36! That’s a savings of $46! Choose a meal plan for a family of four and save $66 on your first box.

This Hello Fresh Black Friday deal will not only save you money, but it will also save you something even more important — the time that goes into meal prepping and planning.

When does this Hello Fresh Black Friday deal end?

It’s hard to say when his deal will end. Hello Fresh hasn’t made an official commitment to keeping the deal around until Cyber Monday. It could honestly end at any point during Black Friday. While stock isn’t really an issue with a subscription service like this, Hello Fresh may have a limit to the number of new customers they’ll sign on Black Friday.

Our best advice is to sign up now if you’re interested. The deal could end at any moment, and you’ll be left out in the cold. There’s nothing to be gained by mulling it over for too long. You should have been doing that in the months leading up to this deal! If you’ve wanted to start a subscription food adventure, today is the day.

Should You Shop This Hello Fresh Black Friday Deal or Wait Until Cyber Monday?

Hello Fresh often offers discounts and coupons for the first box, but we’ve never seen an offer quite like this Black Friday Deal. These are some tremendous savings. But would it be worth waiting until Cyber Monday to see if the deals get even better?

Honestly, Cyber Monday tends to be a rehash of the best Black Friday deals, but there’s no guarantee the Hello Fresh discount will still be available on Cyber Monday. We’ve seen Hello Fresh offers before that disappeared within a few hours. The good news is that Hello Fresh is incredibly easy to cancel, so if you’re not entirely sold on the meal delivery service, you can cancel when your 5-week subscription ends. You really have nothing to lose except the stress of meal planning.

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