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Guinness Shoots For the Moon With a New Beer

guiness over the moon milk stout can

Guinness opened its new Open Gate Brewery and Taphouse just outside of Baltimore in 2017, showcasing small batch and experimental beers brewed onsite, as well as familiar classics from Ireland. That marked the first time in over six decades that Guinness has operated a brewery in the U.S. (there was one briefly in Long Island City in NYC in the early 1950s). Just over a year ago, an expansive new brewery and visitor center opened next door to the taproom on the site of the former Calvert distillery. Guinness Blonde is the main beer brewed here (the iconic Guinness Draught and its variants continue to be brewed in Dublin), but the brewery continues to work on various smaller releases, many of which you are available in the taproom.

guiness over the moon milk stout

The newest Guinness beer produced at the Maryland brewery is called Over The Moon Milk Stout, which is just starting to roll out nationally for a limited time. As indicated by the name, it’s a milk stout, meaning that it’s brewed with lactose to give the beer a soft creaminess and hints of sweetness. Roasted barley and hops are used in the brewing process as well, bringing flavors like coffee, chocolate, and caramel into the mix as well. According to the head brewer at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, Hollie Stephenson, Over The Moon is meant to appeal to a wide spectrum of beer drinkers, as well as convey “the creativity and versatility of our brewing team here in Baltimore.”

In a side-by-side comparison with Guinness Draught, Over The Moon is indeed sweeter, and the overall mouthfeel is not as velvety and creamy as the original (this might differ on draught). It drinks sort of like a lighter, less nutty version of classic Guinness, with familiar malt, cocoa, and coffee flavors running throughout. This will definitely not replace Guinness Draught anytime soon (nor is it meant to), but fans of Guinness and dark stouts in general should check this out to see for themselves.

Over The Moon Milk Stout is available in six-packs for $10.99

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