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Make great drinks for everyone with these mocktail recipes

These drinks don't need alcohol to be a delicious celebration of summer

Shirley Temple mocktail
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Not everyone fancies drinking alcohol, but almost everyone enjoys a tasty and beautifully served drink. If you’re looking for options for your non-drinking friends or if you simply need a day off after over-indulging, try out these mocktail recipes for a fruity, delicious, and booze-free drink to end a busy day.

Pineapple mocktail

This recipe from Southern Living includes juicy pineapple for a taste of summer, plus mint for freshness and lime juice for zing.

You muddle a handful of mint leaves in a cocktail shaker, then add pineapple juice, lime juice, and vanilla and pineapple syrups to the shaker. No particular measurements here, but go easy on the syrups as these tend to be extremely sweet.

You can also add the white of a large egg to the shaker, to create a beautiful foam that sits on top of the drink. If you’re going for a vegan option, or you don’t fancy consuming raw egg, you can use aquafaba instead.

Shake well with plenty of ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Limonchello Spritz mocktail

Here’s a zesty and refreshing option from The Mindful Mocktail, which is simple and easy to make but has plenty of flavor for those who love their lemonade. It uses non-alcoholic prosecco, as non-alcoholic wine options are getting better and better and are more commonly available. If you can’t find this, however, no worries — you can use lemon flavored sparkling water instead.

You start by peeling five lemons, and add this peel to a jar along with an equal amount of sugar by weight. Stir and add the lid, then leave to sit for a day to create a lemon oil.  Strain this off and use it for your mocktail by adding a shot of lemon oil to a glass of non-alcoholic prosecco with plenty of ice. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and garnish with a sprig of thyme.

Blueberry Rosemary Crush

This recipe is fruity and light, from The Fizzy Pheasant. It calls for rosemary syrup (made by heating water, sugar, and rosemary in a pan until the sugar dissolves, then allowing to cool before straining) and fresh fruits.

Start by muddling a handful of blueberries in a shaker, then add 25 ml of rosemary syrup, 25 ml lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Shake with ice and strain into collins glasses full of ice, then top up with soda water and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Georgina Torbet
Georgina Torbet is a cocktail enthusiast based in Berlin, with an ever-growing gin collection and a love for trying out new…
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