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Know a Booze Adventurer? Give the Gift of Flaviar

With the holidays right around the corner, we’ve already given you everything you need to buy the perfect bottle of whiskey or another spirit as well as all of the great things a man could need to really make his home bar shine.

What happens, though, when the guy you’re shopping for is always on the hunt for something fresh, something new when it comes to booze? Well, Flaviar has the answer.

Flaviar was started in 2012 and has quickly risen to become the world’s largest membership-based spirit club. With over 600,000 registered and profiled booze-loving members, the team has provided over one million samples and created profiles and tasting notes for 15,000 bottles.

Does that number of bottles sound good to you? Are you salivating at the thought of shelves upon shelves lined with spirits of all varieties? Well, read on, because it only gets better.

The entire site—and the site’s ethos, for that matter—has the feel of a 1920’s speakeasy. When you’re there, when you’re a member of the club, you matter. You’re on the inside, drinking the good stuff, while all those regular Joes out on the street are sipping their watered-down swill. That being said, in order to access the goods, you need to be a member.

Membership is $60 per quarter and this membership affords you a number of benefits, including:

  • access to all bottle offers (including Members Only offers)
  • exclusive access to the Flaviar Vault
  • rare, vintage and exclusive drams in bottle and sample size
  • free shipping on any number of bottles or Tasting Boxes
  • 1 complimentary Tasting Box per quarter according to your preference*

When you consider the sheer amount of alcohol at your fingertips, whether online or through their app, the deal is hard to beat, especially if the person you’re shopping for is the one who, in elementary school, was adventurous enough to spend the night in the haunted house on the outskirts of town, alone, and referred to the event after as “fun.” The thrill of getting new booze every quarter is like that.

Beyond the booze, Flaviar also offers other benefits for members. The Flaviar Times, The Flaviar School of Spirits, and live events all open up to members, giving you access to even more booze news, education, and fun than before.

To recap: Joining Flaviar gets you access to new booze, hard-to-find booze, exclusives drams you won’t find in your local liquor stores, and a ton of other great alcohol-related things.

The question isn’t should you join, but when?

Check out this link to buy a Flaviar gift membership for someone you know (or to treat yourself for making it through 2016).

* Flaviar has something for everybody, not just whiskey fanatics. If rum, gin, or something else is your thing, they’ve got you covered, too.

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