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On The Rum: Facundo by Bacardi

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Still shivering from those on-and-off polar vortexes? We have something that just might warm you right up. Facundo Rum. It’s a new, high-end sipping rum from Bacardi.

Forget the mojito’s for a moment and wait until the weather allows – because The Facundo Rum Collection is designed to stand on its own.

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This is the first collection (four aged sipping rums to choose from) from the private Bacardi family reserve.

Where did they get that name? The collection is a tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. We hope that’s enough history for one day. Sipping rum is a tradition passed down from generation to generation – and now you can start a tradition of your own.

Before you start warming up – here a few basics to know about the four different collections named: Neo, Eximo, Exquisito, and Paraiso.

Neo- It means new. Crafted by blending aged reserves – filtered to remove color, but not complexity.

Eximo- This means “to free” – a combination of rums (each aged 10 years) with a fine mix of medium and full-bodied flavors. The mixture is left in white oak barrels and left untouched – maturing for more than a decade.

Exquisito – You got it, it means exquisite. Crafted from a handcrafted blend of rums, with ages that range from 7 to 23 years of age. The rum then rests in sherry casks.

Then there is Paraiso – Paradise. The company’s oldest and finest rums  – aged 23 years. This mixture rests in French XO (extra old) casks. This results in smooth rum with a deep amber color.

Next time you see a flurry on your weather app, just pour a Facundo neat, warm up, and let someone else worry about the next snowpocalypse.

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