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Get Ready for Spring With These Smoker Deals

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s finally time to start having outdoor cookouts. If you want to make your backyard parties truly special, you should start looking into smoker deals. These heavy-duty vertical grills can cook all of your family’s favorite meats, with a system built to infuse that smokey flavor into your food.

Depending on where you look, high-quality smokers can get pretty pricey, so we’ve decided to share these great deals at Amazon. If you’re looking for the most inexpensive way to get into meat smoking, check out the 17-inch Realcook charcoal smoker, which is on sale for just $93 today — a $37 discount on the regular price of $130. If you want a premium model, then consider the Dyna-Glo signature offset smoker. It can be yours for just $290, a $90 discount on the standard price tag. Keep reading to learn more about these incredible smokers.

Realcook Vertical 17-inch Charcoal Smoker — $93, was $130

Realcook Vertical Charcoal smoker on white background.

Want to get into smoking without breaking the bank? The Realcook Vertical 17-inch charcoal smoker offers terrific value because it’s one of the best smoker-grill combos in this price range. Not only can it smoke and slow cook all your meats to incredible tenderness, but it serves a dual purpose as a grill. You can use its 17-inch body as one tall barbecue grill or two shorter barbecue grills if you have a lot of mouths to feed. You can even use it as a fire pit during the night-time! It’s equipped with a built-in thermometer, with an adjustable air supply on the lid that lets you control the temperature. You can use the two cooking grids simultaneously, for 453 square inches of cooking space, in addition to the hangers inside the lid for sausages or other types of meat. It’s effortless to assemble, disassemble, and use and the two layers easily come apart for cleaning purposes and come together so you can smoke all your meats at once.

If you’re convinced about picking up this Realcook smoker, there’s no time to waste. It’s on sale on Amazon for just $93, a $37 discount on the standard price of $130. Hit that Buy Now button before this deal disappears.

Dyna-Glo Signature Offset Smoker and Grill — $290, was $380

Dyna-Glo signature smoker on patio.

If you already know how to smoke meat like a pro and need a high-caliber smoker, look no further than this Dyna-Glo Signature Series heavy-duty offset charcoal smoker and grill. It’s designed with true smoking enthusiasts in mind, with a thoughtful design and high-quality materials. Its large body features five chrome-plated cooking plates, with a total cooking space of 1,382 square inches and pre-installed sausage hooks inside. That means you’ll have plenty of room for smoking recipes, from slow-cooked smoked meats to grilled barbecues and burgers. Outside, you’ll find the cool-touch handles and the spring lid grip that lets you access food without accidentally burning your hand. Outside, you’ll find a stainless temperature gauge that lets you know if you’re cooking your food at the perfect temperature, with zones specifying “smoke zone” and “grill zone” temperatures. The entire thing is made of heavy-duty steel, with rigid construction built to last a long time. There’s also a removable charcoal grate that makes it easy to refuel and dispose of ash.

If this sounds like the perfect smoker for your household, you should act soon. The Dyna-Glo Signature is on sale for just $290 on Amazon, which is a $90 discount on the standard price of $380. Hit that Buy Now button today and get grilling in time for spring to start.

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