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Never Run Out of Seltzer Again

diy seltzer sodastream
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Now we here at The Manual don’t generally bore you guys with scientific studies – but here’s one that might quench your thirst. Did you know that men are really into seltzer these days?

Beer, yes. Whiskey, obviously. Seltzer? Yup.

According to Mintel – a global marketing research firm – young men are the primary sparkling water consumers. Guys between the ages of 18 and 34 that participated in this particular study actually prefer their water with a little more excitement. 23 percent of the dudes who were involved in this fascinating study said they had recently been drinking more sparkling water compared to months prior.

Now, the study also found that as men get older their interest starts to fizz out (see what we did there?)

Now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programing. Technology. The SodaStream – one of our favorite kitchen gadgets. SodaStream Play is the company’s newest device that makes DIY carbonated beverages a reality.

SodaStream partnered once again with Yves Behar, the world-renowned designer and social entrepreneur to create the SodaStream Play Sparkling Water Maker. The device is slick and compact, and will look great in that bachelor-pad kitchen of yours.

Fill the the SodaStream bottle with some water, snap it into the machines locking mechanism, and push down on the automatic lift slider. The Carbonator will take care of the rest, and your can control how bubbly you want your H20.

You can add basically every flavor under the sun – cola, root beer, tonic, ginger ale. We know that the idea here is to be a little more healthy, but think about what this is going to do for your cocktail game. Homemade gin and tonic anyone?

You can purchase the SodaStream of your choice here and check out all the flavors over here.

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