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Cut Half the Price (And the Fat) with This Cyber Monday Air Fryer Deal

You’ve heard the hype, and if you’re looking to buy, then you need to check out this Cyber Monday air fryer deal now. Right now, Best Buy is blowing out the Bella Pro Series 4.2-qt. Analog Air Fryer for $30, half off its normal $60. If you’re looking to start your New Year’s resolution earlier or just get healthier during the holiday season, then you need to buy one now before they’re gone.


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Today’s Best Cyber Monday Air Fryer Deal

Best Buy

Why Buy:

  • Air frying cuts out the fat from normal frying
  • Its 4.2-quart volume allows for a large amount of food for family meals or parties
  • The 1,500-watt power requires no preheating
  • Has a heat range of 150 degrees through 400 for greater versatility

If 2020 was the year of the Instant Pot, then 2021 has been the year of the air fryer. Air frying has become a popular cooking method because it yields similar results to traditional pan and immersion frying but uses hot air instead of oil. The result is a similar texture and a fraction of the fat. Translation: Guilt-free cooking that’s healthier for you.

The Bella Pro Series doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some more expensive models — as its Analog name suggests, there are no programmed modes available. But what you sacrifice in automation, you make up for in power and volume. Its 1,500-watt max can reach a peak of 400 degrees, and even better, it reaches that temperature fast, requiring zero pre-heating and electricity-wasting. Any green-minded individual can appreciate that.

It also holds a ton of food. With a max of 4.2 quarts — the company also lists a 3.6-pound maximum weight — you can air fry as much or as little as you need. This makes it a great choice for single people who sometimes entertain or those for whom meal prep is a weekly ritual. Its previously mentioned power and circulation cooks everything evenly for a predictable, nearly effortless result. Bonus: Its nonstick pan is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a cinch.

Finally, we all can get wrapped up in a show or pulled away with a relationship crisis. That’s why we liked its 60-minute auto-shutoff feature. While you hopefully will never need this, it’s nice to know in the back of your mind that should you lose focus, you won’t burn your apartment to an air-fried crisp.


When Does This Cyber Monday Air Fryer Deal End?

In short, any moment (most likely). Unless you’ve been living under a rock without Wi-Fi, you’ve likely heard of supply chain issues. This is understandably affecting holiday sales, including Cyber Monday deals. A recent Adobe Analytics report found that out-of-stock alerts on websites were up a whopping 124% compared to pre-pandemic levels. And that’s likely to get worse, not better, as the day — and the season — wear on. So if you’ve been sniffing around air fryers, it’s time to buy now before they’re all gone.

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