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This Bestselling Gooseneck Kettle Is 15% off for Prime Day 2022

Take Advantage of This Prime Day Deal Now

Time for a spot of tea? Have a faulty kettle or need a new one altogether? Well, now’s the perfect time to start shopping thanks to loads of amazing Prime Day deals that are already available. Of course, if you want to get ahead of the game, we’ve discovered an excellent model — Cosori’s Electric Gooseneck Kettle that comes with five variable presets.

We’ll dig into why it’s such an awesome kettle below, but for now, just know that it’s on sale for $60 with free shipping, normally $70, with a total as part of Amazon’s Prime Day event. You can grab it right now if you want, or keep reading for more information.

Why You Should Buy This Electric Gooseneck Kettle on Prime Day

Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle ready to make delicious beverages
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Designed to be a pour-over kettle for tea, coffee, or hot beverages, this gooseneck kettle has a multitude of presets available — five total. These include settings for white tea, green tea, oolong tea, coffee, and boil, and it’s also good for black tea. Each has different temperature settings to make the ideal beverage, as intended, and once you press the related button, you can walk away and rest easy knowing your delicious brew will be ready just as you’ve always loved it.

The rapid boil system makes your hot water or beverage in minutes, reducing the time you’ll have to sit around — certainly much faster than how you’d conventionally boil water. Because it’s so quick, this is the perfect kettle if you want to have a wind-down beverage before bed, which is one of the top tips for getting better sleep every night.

The entire system, from lid to spout, is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, with an all-black matte finish. It’s durable, it will last for quite some time, and it cools down fairly quickly after you’re done using it, although you wouldn’t want to touch it with bare fingers just in case. There is a safe-to-use handle opposite the gooseneck spout, which allows for more precise pouring.

Built-in protections include a leak-proof design, an auto-shutoff (in case you forget to check the kettle), boil-dry protection, and overheat protection. Thanks to the stainless steel inside, it’s super easy to clean, even if you have to descale it. Just wipe it down when there’s no residue, but if there is, add some vinegar and water to get rid of anything excess. It comes with a heating base and fits nicely on kitchen counters, in kitchenettes, or on full-size counters.

Tea connoisseurs, coffee lovers, heck, and even hot chocolate fans, will benefit immensely from this well-designed and best-selling gooseneck kettle. If any of that sounds like you, don’t sleep on this deal. There are also some fantastic Prime Day Keurig deals if you’re a coffee-only drinker.

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