Never Drink a Warm Beer Again with the Corkcicle Chillsner

One of the biggest L’s (losses) you can take in life is when you’re trying to enjoy an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, and before you know it, your beer is as warm as the pool you’re wading in.

Now, there’s a better way to keep your beer and your day ‘chill’ with the Corkcicle chillsner.

For years, men have been trying to come up with a solution to the issue, like freezing pint glasses before adding the beer, cheap foam koozies, or simply downing the beer before it succumbs to its element. Corkcicle is a creative company that has set out to find unique ways in keeping liquids at their desired temperatures — from cooling canteens, to wedged whiskey glasses, and now a beer chiller.

Before using the Corkcicle chillsner, you’ll need to freeze it four about 45 minutes to make sure the ice is sufficiently cold for multiple uses, if desired. Then, simply insert the chillsner into a standard-sized (12 oz.) long neck beer bottle. Now you’re in the clear to enjoy your beer colder and longer just by drinking straight through the chillsner.

Although it suits perfect for outdoor parties, weddings, and tailgates, the chillsner is also a great tool for those who like to sip and enjoy their beer rather than try and beat the forces of science. Besides, beer brewers put the “best served at 44 degrees Fahrenheit” for a reason. Cold beer is better beer.

These gadgets have truly revolutionized the art of consuming liquids, whether it be for sport, for leisure, or for fun. In this instance, Corkcicle has solved a ubiquitous issue that has stumped warm-weathered, beer loving man for quite some time. Now, you’ll never have to drink warm beer again.

You can find the chillsner 2-pack for just $20 on Amazon.

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