Bluegrass Barrels Gives the Gift of Customized Spirits

bluegrass barrels
What’s a better gift than a great bottle of whiskey for the holidays? How about a spirit aged to your exact liking, by you? Bluegrass Barrels, a Louisville, KY-based purveyor of small personalized barrels to age spirits, has hit the mark of 3,000 barrels sold this year, and it’s easy to see why so many people are raving about them. Sold in one, two and three liter sizes made from American white oak, a Bluegrass Barrel is the perfect gift for the cocktail enthusiast who wants to customize spirits at home.

“We are thrilled people around the country have found many different ways to enjoy Bluegrass Barrels,” Jeff Ames, founder and president of Bluegrass Barrels, said. “From creating their own aged spirits to showcasing personalized barrels at home bars, Bluegrass Barrels are becoming popular gift items and novelties for spirits enthusiasts.”

An awesome buy for even the pickiest person on your list, you’ll likely want to keep one for yourself. What would you age in your Bluegrass Barrel?

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