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This Blackstone griddle has a built-in air fryer, and it’s $100 off

A family cooks on the Blackstone 28-inch propane griddle with air fryer.

It’s never a bad time to learn how to grill the steak of your dreams, or to add one of the best gas grills to your patio. Today you can do a little of both and save along the way. The Blackstone 28-inch propane grill with air fryer is seeing a $100 discount at Walmart right now, which brings its price down from $497 to $397. Walmart is also including free shipping with a purchase, and in many areas you can pick the grill up at your nearest Walmart the same day you purchase.

Why you should buy the Blackstone 28-inch propane griddle with air fryer

There’s plenty of reason to gather around the grill with the Blackstone propane griddle with air fryer. It makes a great addition to the patio because of large cooking surface, independent cooking zones, and ease of use. Its two independently-controlled cooing zones pair for a combined 34000 BTU cooking experience. The cooking surface comes in at 524 square inches, offering all the room you need t cook for large groups of people. The Blackstone propane griddle is capable of multiple different cooking modes, including baking, searing, roasting, and sautéing.

Additionally, the Blackstone propane griddle includes built-in air frying functionality This will help you cook n a healthier way, as air frying requires less cooking oil than traditional frying. Air frying capacity is about two quarts, which isn’t particularly large, but should come in handy if you want to air fry some appetizers or sides while you cook the main course on the griddle area. This griddle and air fryer combo also has a warming drawer, four industrial strength wheels for movement and storage, and a rear grease management system. It’s the perfect year-round grill, so you should also check out our incredible tips for winter barbecues.

While the Blackstone propane griddle with air fryer typically costs $497, you can grab it at Walmart for just $397 right now. This makes for a savings of $100, and it’s one of the best gas grill deals we’ve come across recently. Free shipping is included with a purchase, and in most areas Walmart will let you pick it up from you nearest store the same day you purchase.

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