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Black Tomato’s American Whiskey Tours are the Road Trips Dreams are Made of

black tomato tour
Think about this for a second. You’re sitting in a rock star’s tour bus cruising through Kentucky, gently rolling hills of blue grass flying past, the smell of hay in the air and the twanging of a banjo in your ears. There’s the taste of bourbon on the back of your tongue still, that warm vanilla and oak hum that comes from a beautifully aged and cared for spirit. Outside, you catch a glimpse of a sign announcing another distillery, and your taste buds begin to water again.

If this sounds good to you (okay, let’s be real this doesn’t sound good to anyone, it sounds freakin’ amazing) then do we have a treat for you. Black Tomato, a London and NYC-based luxury travel company just launched a new campaign—replete with beautifully-shot videos—that shows you just what that kind of trip would be like. Except, after the video is over, you can actually go on that trip.

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That’s right. They’ve created the American Dream of whiskey road trips, a drive through the charred oak culture and history of Kentucky and Tennessee, complete not only with VIP whiskey experiences with Bulleit and George Dickel that will make you the envy of everyone you know, but unforgettable music, food, and more.

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The trip is broken into two parts, Kentucky and Tennessee, and you can do each one, or both together (and who wouldn’t want to do both? Doing one half of the trip would be like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and only getting one plate.) Better yet, each leg is customized for you and what you want to accomplish.

Some of highlights of your unforgettable trip might include:

  • Partaking in the ultimate masterclass in bourbon making, before enjoying a private taste testing with the on-site whiskey expert at Stitzel-Weller.
  • Arranging a hands-on distilling experience in the ‘still house’ for something truly unique and memorable.
  • Enjoying an immersive behind the scenes, all access VIP tour of the distillery.
  • Taking home a personal, engraved bottle to commemorate the experience.
  • Having a private Louisville BBQ lesson with a local ‘pit master’ teaching classic smoking and grilling techniques.
  • Taking a private helicopter over Cascade Hollow (home of George Dickel) before settling in for the night at Blackberry Farm.

Sounds amazing, right? These are just some of the options available. As luxury agency, Black Tomato will work to craft a perfect experience for you. Because of this, the price can change, but it’s safe to say that you’re getting your money’s worth on these exclusive trips.

So, what are you waiting for?

(Photo credit: Amy Ellis Photography)

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