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The Best Wine Subscription Box Services

When it comes to wine, sometimes it’s best to play the role of passenger. Allowing a sommelier or wine merchant or insider of any kind to take the wheel can expose you to some genuinely interesting stuff and perhaps even to your next favorite producer.

There are wine clubs galore, typically built around a single specific winery. There are also wine subscriptions which draw from a host of producers, regions, and varietals, exposing you to an eclectic array of wines from all over. Often times, they’re hard-to-find wines or bottles you’ve never heard of and quickly learn to love.

Despite all of the oddness in the world right now, it does appear to be the golden era of imbibing. We are blessed with an incredible enology scene teeming with some of the best wines ever. We can revel in subscription services for both alcohol subscription boxes and just about everything else (see, our best men’s subscription boxes). In short, it’s a great time to be filling your glass.

If wine is your thing, these are the best subscription box services for fermented grapes.


If you’re looking for a neat balance between price, quality, and selection, Winc is for you. The labels are catchy, the wines are agreeable, and you’re more thank likely to come up with a new favorite blend or stumble upon a varietal you’ve never encountered.

Wine Access

Wine Access Wine Club Spread

The name says it all. Wine access unlocks all kinds of doors and barriers and invites you to enjoy some very special offerings. From hard-to-get French sparkling to cult Italian white wines, Wine Access gives you a rare and valuable foot in the door. Better still, it breaks down what you’re drinking with well-written literature and handy guides on wine styles, regions, and more.

Astor Wines and Spirits

Astor Wine Shop Logo

One of the oldest wine shops in all the land ought to know a thing or two about carefully curated wine selections from all over. And they do, offering a splendid mixed case from some of their best imports monthly. Putting your palate in their hands is easy and worthwhile given the brand’s experience and access to the age-old shop authorities.

Orange Glou

Orange Glou Wine Club Spread

Highlighting orange wines on a monthly basis, Orange Glou is your unexpected wine club of choice. In case you didn’t know, the style involves skin-fermented whites, or white wine grapes subjected to extended maceration and made in the style of red wines. You’ll love the personality of these curious, delightful wines.


SommSelect Wine Club Wine Spread

Yep, you’re living in a sommelier world if you love wine. Allow them — the experts — to find some exceptionally fun wines full of character and discovery. Better still, you’ll get the full context of the selections via background stories. Which means you’ll have talking points when you’re showing off your new favorite wines to friends.


Plonk Wine Club Bottle Spread

This wine club trots the globe and plucks unique wines along the way. It feels personal and tailored to just you, as a good subscription service should. You’ll love not only the immense flavors but the armchair travel involved along the way.

Cellar 503

Cellar 503 Wine Club Spread

If you don’t like Oregon wine, you should. And if you need to be persuaded, this club will do just that. Explore the best the wine-centric Beaver State has to offer with Cellar 503. You’ll run into classic Pinot Noir as well as unexpected varietals from appellations well beyond the Willamette Valley.

Belle & Bottle

Belle and Bottle Wine Club Spread

The theme of this wine subscription outlet is Washington, a state home to a revered scene with a diverse range of appellations and wine types. Buckle up and enjoy the ride as you bounce from one boutique label to the next with each shipment, exploring emerging winemaking talent as well as old standbys and even gaining access to tastings and events.

Raj Parr Wine Club

Raj Parr Wine Club Selection Bottles

Sommelier star Rajat Parr has earned a huge following thanks to tremendous work on restaurant floors and through his own west coast wine projects, among other things. His subscription program reflects his incredible taste and knack for getting to limited-edition finds. It’s just two shipments per year but the contents will amaze; a mix of some of his own esteemed labels like Evening Land and those he greatly admires from elsewhere on planet wine.

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