Our Favorite Thanksgiving Wines to Bring to Dinner

thanksgiving wine
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For many, there’s no alcoholic beverage more tied to holiday meals than wine. Sure, you might start off with a nice cocktail or an aperitif (or just a shot!), but once the turkey and all the trimmings hit the table, it’s time to turn to wine. It helps, too, that wine makes a great gift for when you have to go to a thanksgiving meal with people you either don’t know or don’t particularly want to be around.

The question, though, is what to bring? Do you bring a white or a red? An Old World and a New World wine? What about bubbly? With so many options, we’ve narrowed it down a bit for you to make the wine-buying easy this Thanksgiving. Below, you’ll find a selection of reds, whites, and even a bubbly, so no matter what you bring, it’ll be a winner, winner turkey dinner.

Red Wine

Artezin Old Vine Zinfandel

Artezin Old Vine Zinfandel

A classic grape varietal (which, in this case, is blended with 14 percent Petite Sirah and 2 percent Carignan), this California Zinfandel features rich black and white pepper flavors mingling with rich dark fruits. If you’re having nice artisan cheeses at some point during your meal (or someone is firing up the grill), this is the wine to break out. ($18)

Two Hands Gnarly Dudes Shiraz Barossa Valley 2016

Two Hands Gnarly Dudes Shiraz Barossa Valley

Named after the gnarly vines that produce the grapes and the Dude (yes, that Dude), this wine features a nose of blackberries and roasted meat while showing off a palate that is heavy with plum, tobacco smoke, and cedar. A great wine for bigger, bolder menu items. ($29)

Les Dauphins Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Puyméras Rouge 2015

Les Dauphins

If turkey isn’t necessarily on the menu, this French wine could be a great complement to your meal. Ideal for hearty stews or other rich foods, this French wine from the Southern Rhône wine-growing commune Puyméras is bursting with ripe red fruits and spices. ($18)

White Wine

Geyser Peak Water Bend Chardonnay 2016

Geyser Peak Water Bend Chardonnay

With slight hints of oak and creaminess that come from malolactic fermentation, this wine will satiate lovers of both oaked and unoaked Chardonnays as it manages to keep a balanced profile. It’s perfect for the main course, as it pairs excellently with a nice slice of turkey. ($26)

Marques de Caceres Verdejo 2016

Marques de Caceres Verdejo

This Spanish white is a great buy with its intense mineral notes that blend well with the green apple, pineapple, and lime flavors you’ll find on the palate. The citrus notes go well with foods like olives, seafood, or sharp-flavored foods. (In addition, typing in “RUEDA” will get you 10 percent off if you click the price link.) ($9.99)

Crystal Creek Cellars Riesling

Crystal Creek Cellars Riesling

Another great one for pairing with white meat, the apricot, honeysuckle, and pear notes in this Riesling will appeal to those with a slightly sweeter tooth. Sold only at Aldi, this is the best buy on the list, coming in under 10 bucks per bottle. The takeaway here? Stock up by buying a case. ($7)

Sparkling Wine

Amalia Brut

Amalia Brut

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without some sparkling wine. This dry bubbly from Greece is made from a native Greek variety Moschofilero in the Methode Traditionelle. The wine presents a nose of rose and honey, followed by a fresh, acidic body, making it great on its own or with cheese and seafood. ($28)