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6 Best Hangover Cure Products for a Better Tomorrow (or Today)

A rough morning after a night out is never fun, and while one would hope drinking habits hopefully get better with age, hangovers also sadly get worse (the cold, harsh, way too bright light of morning is a cruel mistress after the age of 25).

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There are plenty of hangover prevention and recovery tactics out there, but few are proven to work and it’s often up to personal preferences. Luckily, our dear friend science is at it again. Focusing on the important things in life, products are flooding the consumer market to help prevent, or recover from, hangovers. As the great Bill Nye said, “Science rules!”

Now that you’re most likely waking up from one of the hardest partying nights of the year (well, technically the last hard partying night of the year, too), check out some of these hangover cure products and maybe give them a shot. As with other hangover cures, sometimes anything is worth trying at least once. Remember, though, that as with any hangover cure, results may (and will most likely) vary.



Is there any liquid “cure” more revered for hangovers than Pedialyte? Sure, it may have been formulated mostly so that infants were able to obtain the necessary electrolytes, but you know who else needs electrolytes? Hungover adults. Coming in a wide range of flavors as well as a few different mediums, Pedialyte doesn’t bill itself as a miracle cure, but it’ll sure as hell help you feel a little more human.


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Once known as Never Too Hungover, DrinkAde is offered in two different formulas: Prevention and Boost. Prevention is limeade flavored and meant to be consumed prior to a raucous night out. Boost is berry flavored and includes added caffeine and Vitamin B-12, aiming to help the morning after that crazy night. Both iterations of DrinkAde are a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, and minerals. Some of the names you might recognize in other healthy concoctions include aloe vera, green tea extract, milk thistle, and potassium.



A time-tested solution for hangovers for many is the to “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” of the old standby Alka Seltzer. Blowfish takes that method and turns it up to 11 (okay, maybe not because that’s too damn loud for a hangover). The fizzy tabs include max strength pain relievers and extra caffeine to get your body and mind right. Blowfish is FDA-recognized and is “guaranteed to make you feel better in about 15 minutes.” The website also offers a money back guarantee if it fails as a hangover cure.



Not just meant for hangovers, Resqwater also touts itself as a dietary supplement great for hydrating after a tough workout. The 8-ounce bottle is packed with ingredients meant to help the body flush toxins, whether from drinking or a workout. Resqwater includes electrolytes, milk thistle, B vitamins, cane sugar, water, and prickly pear.

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Morning Recovery Drink

If rough nights are a regular occurrence, Morning Recovery Drink might be the brand to check out as it offers a subscription plan, complete with 20 percent off. The little bottle includes the “liver superhero” dihydromyricetin, or DHM, which is also supposedly good for the brain. It also includes Vitamins C and B-Complex, prickly pear, electrolytes, and milk thistle. Morning Recovery Drink also suggests downing the product to start the night, mixed in with drinks or as a nightcap to ensure a great next morning, negating the need for a further hangover cure.



Designed for “healthy people who drink alcohol,” Drinkwel is a multivitamin with a strong regiment of three capsules a day. When drinking, Drinkwel requires another three pills before heading to bed for the night and allegedly will act as a hangover cure. Drinkwel uses many a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and herbs meant to protect the liver, manage inflammation, and metabolize alcohol. As a daily supplement, Drinkwel promises to be the “most comprehensive product” on the market.

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