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Bellion Vodka with NTX is Easier on the Liver

Bellion Vodka with NTX
In an attempt to make alcohol a little less physically destructive and a little more scientifically advanced, Bellion Spirits came out with a new specialty vodka that uses NTX technology to minimize the damage drinking does to the body.

When infused into a spirit, NTX is supposed to render the drink safer for your liver, DNA, and eliminate much of the oxidative damage caused by throwing a couple back.

So in theory, drinking is now healthy! (Sorta.)

Bellion Vodka with NTX

The developers of NTX Technology, Chigurupati Technologies, took more than 10 years to test the damage that drinking can have on our DNA and whether their patented NTX tech can offset those affects. This multi-million-dollar project was done by a group of wicked smart pharmaceutical PhDs.

Their results showed that within only 15 minutes of drinking, oxidative damage occurs to our DNA. This type of damage has the potential to mutate into diseased cells, changing the epigenetic expression of the genes, and boosts the probability of other possible complications such as allergies or even cancer.

Trial testing for NTX in India and the U.S. showed,alcohol infused with NTX technology reduced damage and protected the liver and DNA from alcohol induced stress by up to 93%,” says Harsha Chigurupati, Founder of Chigurupati Technologies.

At its most basic level, NTX is a blend of natural, FDA-approved ingredients including Glycyrrhizin -Licorice Root Extract, Mannitol, and Potassium Sorbate— fancy Bill Nye the Science Guy language for low calorie sugar crystals found in fruit and plants, and white salt.

Bellion Vodka with NTX

The taste is undoubtable sweeter than your average vodka, so be prepared for that difference when you take your first drink. Bellion’s expert cocktail makers suggest pairing the mild licorice sweetness of the vodka with citrus or cucumber for a refreshing concoction, or used in a spicy Bloody Mary.

The greater sweetness should also eliminate the need for adding simple syrup or other sweeteners to your cocktails. So with all those calories saved, have a double.

In our opinion, the sweet licorice is hard to get past at first sip— especially if you’re using Bellion for a vodka classic like the Moscow Mule.

Instead, we suggest going spicy and using Bellion in a Hells Bells shot, made with chilled Bellion, a dash of Tabasco, and salt and lime.

And even if the taste throws you off, enjoy the added satisfaction in knowing that while you guzzle, NTX is hard at work to protect you at the cellular level.

Let’s be honest, your liver probably needs a little more of that.

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