Your Bachelor Party Needs Brandy–Here’s Why

We all know the lore of a Vegas bachelor party isn’t quite everyone’s speed, so how do you plan an exciting, albeit tiger-less, night?

Brandy, of course.

In a city oozing charm and tradition, Copper & Kings American Brandy Company is shining a spotlight on the untapped potential of American brandy. Copper & Kings offers a variety of tours and mixology classes at its distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, perfect for intimate festivities. Should you find yourself in the bluegrass state, you might be tempted to sniff out some bourbon-related shenanigans, but you’d be remiss to not experience America’s oldest liquor.

If colonists had fruit to spare, there would be brandy. Over the decades, a coast war would ensue, pitting various fruits in the east against the grape strongholds of the west. After Prohibition, however, brandy had to limp its way back into society via baked goods and home remedies. Distilleries plummeted from approximately 1,300 to six thanks to those dark, boozeless days, and even bootleggers held distinct preferences towards gin and whiskey. Though cognac would yield more working class recognition after World War II, American brandy served primarily as an apéritif for those with “old money” until the relative boom of craft distillation in the 1980s.


Small batch brandies from the likes of Clear Creek Distillery and Copper & Kings have rejuvenated the scene in recent years, giving brandy a seat at the craft cocktail revolution. Considering brandy’s esteemed place in traditional mixology, it’s astounding we ever fell out of favor with this smooth spirit.

Taking a departure from the Scotch, bourbon, and other fancy whiskeys that have littered the bachelor party scene, a brandy distillery tour is simultaneously refreshing and classic. Copper & Kings offers tours with tastings, but they can also pair tours with an hour-long mixology class.

Unlike many American distilleries, Copper & Kings specializes in straight brandy, the perfect introduction to brandy and its versatility in a cocktail. Patriotic to the core, this Louisville brandy isn’t derivative of European palates, packing fiery flavor profiles into each batch.

If brandy isn’t your thing, Copper & Kings also produces four varieties of absinthe—perfect for you and your buddies for when you want to chase the green fairy.

Absinthe Frappe

Clocking in at about $20 per person, each tour option gives your group the run of a floor in the distillery. Not a bad price to pay for exciting memories, a dash of history, and the garnish of a new cocktail staple.

Copper & Kings American Brandy Company is located at 1121 E Washington St, Louisville, KY 40206 and you can find out more about their distillery tour options here.

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