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How to make apple-infused bourbon

Apple-infused bourbon recipe

Applie bourbon
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If you’re a bourbon fan and have never infused it with other flavors, what are you waiting for? A whole world of whiskey flavor combinations is just waiting to be discovered. Peaches, berries, raisins, and apples are all great flavors to infuse your favorite whiskey with (or enhance a lesser whiskey).

There are a few reasons why infusing your whiskey is a great idea. When bourbon is distilled, it’s clear and similar to moonshine. It’s not until it’s aged that it gets the caramel, vanilla, oak, and spice flavors from the charred oak. When you add fruit and other ingredients to bourbon, a similar process takes place. That’s why infusing your favorite bourbon gives it bold, delicious, complex flavors and aromas.

Infusing your bourbon is quite simple. In basic terms, you start with a bottle of your favorite bourbon (or a cheap bourbon you’re hoping to elevate with flavor). You won’t find it very easy to infuse your whiskey while it’s still in the bottle though. Pour the whiskey into a large enough mason jar to hold it all, as well as the ingredients you’ll use for the infusion.

Seal it well and place it in a cool, dry, dark place. We suggest putting it in your basement. Make sure to check on it a few times per day. Feel free to give it a little shake to make sure all the flavors are mixing well. Give it a little taste after a day or two. When the flavor is at the level you prefer, strain the whiskey into a clean jar. If you’re using a perishable ingredient to flavor your whiskey, make sure to store the finished bourbon in your refrigerator until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Apple and cinnamon
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Apple-infused bourbon

Today, we’re going to show you how to make apple-infused bourbon using an easy-to-follow recipe. Sure, you can add to this recipe if you see fit. But we figured it was best to start your infusion journey with a simple recipe consisting of only three ingredients. Chances are you even have every one of them at your house or apartment already.

What you’ll need to make the apple-infused bourbon recipe

  • One 750ml bottle of bourbon
  • 2-3 cinnamon sticks
  • Two Granny Smith apples (or any apples you have on hand)
  • One large mason jar

Apple-infused recipe steps

  1. Peel and slice the apples like you were going to make an apple pie.
  2. Add the apple slices and cinnamon sticks to the large mason jar. Pour in your favorite bourbon. Leave a small space at the top, and don’t overflow the jar.
  3. Seal the jar and leave it in a cool, dark, dry place.
  4. Let the cinnamon and apples infuse with the bourbon for as long as you like. Days, weeks, or whatever you can handle before you’re jonesing to try it.
  5. Give it a taste after a day or two to see how it’s going.
  6. When it reaches the flavor level you prefer, strain it into a clean jar. Enjoy the bourbon-infused apples over ice cream or on their own.
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Picking the right bourbon

When picking the bourbon to infused with apples and cinnamon, you don’t want to go so cheap that no ingredients will make its harsh, unappealing flavors any better. You also don’t want to go so high-end that you feel like you’re wasting an expensive bottle of bourbon. The key is the find a flavorful, middle-of-the-road bourbon that you’d still drink neat even if it wasn’t infused. Luckily, there are many of these bottles available.

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