Angry Orchard Releases Easy Apple, A Surprisingly Sessionable Summer Cider

Easy Apple Angry Orchard Hard Cider Handle
If you’re drinking this summer, chances are it will be outside. If it isn’t outside, now is the time to find ways to make sure you are day drinking outside. Seriously. Find a place that you can bring the adorable dog that you adopted to be your best buddy (and help you attract ladies any time you two step foot outside together), throw a six-pack in the cooler, and go go go.

Now that we’re back on the same page (getting drunk outside + adorable dog = best time ever), it’s time to talk what you’ll be drinking when you go out. If you’re thinking beers, Double IPAs and other heavy beers are out—who wants to feel like the Michelin Man wobbling around in 90-degree heat with a porter sloshing around in his stomach? No, you need something lighter. Something you can pound down more than one or two of, since day drinking is, after all, an all-day sport.

This summer, Angry Orchard is attempting to give you a new option to up your day-drinking game with their latest release, Easy Apple. The cider comes in at a sessionable 4.2% ABV and was designed to not be as sweet as their previous offerings (getting thirsty because of sugar overload falls just behind salt overload in terribleness). In addition, Easy Apple is unfiltered a style craft cider drinkers are already very familiar with.

On the nose you’ll get tartness from the yeast and on the palate Easy Apple tastes like, well, apples (considering two apples go into every bottle of cider, they nailed this one). The finish is dry, though, which when the cider is chilled, is pretty refreshing.

Next time you’re out this summer with nothing to do but day-drink and you’re tired of the taste of hops, you might want to try Easy Apple. No guarantees that it’ll help you land a summer girl, but it won’t hurt to try.

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