Ahoy Mateys: 6 Rums to Drink to Celebrate National Rum Day

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It’s National Rum Day today, and like any red-blooded American, you should be celebrating. What better excuse to act like a pirate than the drink of every pirate ever? Check out these 6 rums to get your pirate on and celebrate this wonderful liquor’s day.

For Mixing: Bacardí Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron ($24.99)

Light and smooth, Gran Reserva makes a great mojito, perfect for these last summer days.

For Classic Gentleman: Brugal Extra Dry Rum ($25.49)

Dry and balanced, Brugal Extra Dry is a wonderful rum to use in classic cocktails, such as the daiquiri. Tap into your inner Pre-Prohibition gentleman with Brugal.

For the Craft Spirits Enthusiast: Balcones Texas Rum ($68.99)

Balcones is known for producing great Texas whiskies. Their rum is no different. Get this special production before it’s gone and be cooler than every other guy you know.

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For Sharing with Everyone You See: Zacapa Rum 23 ($43.99)

Hailing from Guatemala and utilizing the soils that make their coffee so delicious, Zacapa 23 is one of the best sipping rums out there today. Simply drop an ice cube in and enjoy.

For the Hemingway Enthusiast: Papa’s Pilar Dark ($39.99)

Licensed by the Hemingway estate, Papa’s Pilar is named after his beloved boat Pilar. If dark isn’t for you, check out Papa’s Pilar 3, the light version.

For Celebrating Winning at Life: Papá Andrés Alegría ($1500).

Created by the Brugal family’s master distiller for their private reserve, only 97 bottles of this are in the US. Do you need more of a reason to pick one up than that?

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