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Where to Buy an Echelon Bike with the Fastest Delivery

Echelon bikes are fast becoming the best rival to Peloton if you’re looking to enjoy cycling indoors while still feeling competitive about what unfolds next. With a 30-day risk-free trial offer going on with a Connect Bike EX-3, Echelon bikes are a great way to be motivated courtesy of their thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes that will help you push yourself a little bit further every time you saddle up. In terms of the best Peloton alternatives, you can’t go wrong with an Echelon bike, but what’s the best method of buying one? Read on, and we’ll explain all you need to know about where best to buy one.

Simply put, the Echelon site is the best place to buy an Echelon. By buying directly through the company itself, you get to enjoy a one-month risk-free trial as well as benefit from the quickest shipping times. All you need to do is decide which bike you want from the Connect EX-3, Connect EX-5, Connect EX-5s, or Connect EX-7s. As you’d expect from that naming structure, the Connect EX-3 is the most inexpensive option, available from $1,000, with the Connect EX-7s starting at $2,000.

It all depends what features you want, with the latter being Echelon’s most heavy-duty exercise bike yet and aimed at those who are going to be cycling hard for a long time to come. Alternatively, the Connect EX-5s comes with a built-in rotating 22-inch HD touchscreen, which could be very useful during the many classes you can choose from, while the Connect EX-3 keeps things basic but more than functional enough.

Whichever you choose, Echelon bikes are perfect for exercising from home while feeling like you’re part of something bigger. Each is available from other retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, but it simply makes sense to go direct to Echelon itself. By doing so, you get to enjoy that one-month risk-free trial and the quickest shipping, and you’ll feel confident that you can deal with any potential issues right at the source. For an expensive purchase that’s quite a long-term commitment, it simply makes sense.

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