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We Can’t Believe How Cheap These Massage Gun Deals Are at Amazon Today

If you’ve been reading up on the best massage guns, you’ll know how fantastic they are at providing you with strong post-workout recoveries without needing to head for a massage. Now is the right time to buy one because Amazon has discounted some great brands in the massage gun world. You can enjoy all the benefits for less money than usual. At the moment, you can snap up a Renpho Powerful Portable Massage Gun for just $100 instead of $140, or you can invest in the high-end Hyperice Hypervolt Handheld Percussion Massage Gun for just $249 down from $349. Whatever you choose, you’re sure of a better recovery from your workouts and you’ll be so glad you bought one.

Renpho Powerful Portable Massage Gun — $100, was $140

Renpho Powerful Portable Massage Gun on a white background and depicting its accessories.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Compared to the best foam rollers, massage guns are far superior at helping you recover after a workout and this Renpho Power Portable Massage Gun is a great example. Ordinarily priced at $140, it’s down to just $100. For the money, you get a deep tissue muscle sports massager that’s ultra-compact and easy to grip with a super quiet brushless motor that’s as quiet as 45db. It has a large 2,500mAh battery that can be easily charged by USB Type-C or a 5v/2a adapter with 10-minute auto-off protection ensuring the battery is never wasted. With up to 5 speeds covering up to 3,200rpm along with 5 massager heads, you’ll always be sure to find the right speed and massage for your sore muscles here.

Hyperice Hypervolt Handheld Percussion Massage Gun — $249, was $349

Hyperice Hypervolt Handheld Percussion Massage Gun on a white background and depicting its accessories.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re training for something like a half marathon, you need the best massage gun you can afford. We can’t fault the Hyperice Hypervolt Handheld Percussion Massage Gun. Usually priced at $349, it’s down to just $249 and offers everything you could need from a high-end massage gun. With three speed settings up to 4,300rpm and up to three hours of use per charge, it’s good to go for a long time. Even better, it has Bluetooth connectivity so you can sync it with the Hyperice app and benefit from pre-built or custom recovery programs that really get to the bottom of where you need help most. Lightweight and easy to use, it also comes with 5 interchangeable head attachments so you can get things just right for your needs.

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Looking for more for your workout? We’ve also got all the best dumbbell deals and Bowflex deals to help you find the right weights and fitness devices for your needs. There’s sure to be something here to match your budget as well as your goals, before you dive into investing in a great massage gun for recovering faster.

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Why You Need This Massage Gun Deal for Your Workout Routine
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Buying one of the best massage guns out there should be a huge priority for you if you're serious about your workouts as well as your recovery time afterward. Right now, you can buy a Toloco Massage Gun from Amazon for just $85. That's a saving of 29% working out at $35, and making this a pretty sweet deal. Like we said, it's an important addition to your workout arsenal even if it might not seem like it on the surface. Buy it now while stocks last or keep on reading while we tell you all about why it's so essential.

A massage gun works by increasing blood flow in your muscles, which is vital for both training and recovery. While the best foam rollers can also aid in blood flow, they're not as precise as a massage gun. Massage guns are basically DIY deep tissue massage and regularly using one can help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness as well as enhance your flexibility and improve lymphatic flow. Even better, a massage gun is super easy to use. You just point, shoot, and enjoy the massage. It's a great way to wake up or cool your muscles down. Sure, a professional massage might be better but you need to pay a lot for one of those plus you have the inconvenience of needing to book an appointment. With a massage gun, you're ready to go the whole time.

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Can tai chi lower blood pressure? A new study suggests it can
Can tai chi lower blood pressure?
man practicing tai chi

Tai chi is a type of Chinese martial arts involving slow, intentional movements. This gentle form of exercise offers many great benefits, such as a relaxing and low-impact form of exercise that is accessible to a wide group of people. Like meditation and yoga exercises, tai chi involves intentional breathing, a meditative state of mind, and slow movements that are not intended to be strenuous. Tai chi can help improve balance and posture, increase flexibility, and enhance strength. However, a recent study suggests tai chi might also be useful in helping to lower blood pressure.
Can tai chi lower blood pressure?
Published just a few weeks ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a new study suggests tai chi might be a useful tool in managing high blood pressure. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects more than half of the American population over the age of 20 (according to the American Heart Association). Left untreated, hypertension can cause a number of poor health outcomes, including an increased risk for a heart attack, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, vision loss, and more.

Researchers who published the study titled "Effects of Tai Chi vs. Aerobic Exercise on Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension" explored the results via a randomized clinical trial. This trial randomly assigned 342 adults in China who had been diagnosed with Prehypertension. The group was then split in half, where half of the group practiced tai chi and the other half performed an aerobic type exercise (such as jogging, brisk walking, climbing stairs, etc). Both groups were instructed to exercise for one hour four times per week. Each group followed the exercise plan for a year.
Findings of the study
The results of this tai chi study are certainly interesting -- as the group who practiced tai chi experienced better drops in blood pressure readings than the aerobic exercise group. Researchers found that 22% of participants in the tai chi group had improved blood pressure readings that were now within the normal range (compared to only 16% in the aerobic exercise group). While these results are certainly promising, more research is needed in the realm of tai chi to make stronger conclusions.

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Does collagen count as protein? What you need to know about counting your protein macros
collagen powder

Collagen peptides have gained a lot of popularity in the health, beauty, and fitness industries over the past decade, offering many health benefits, from improved skin appearance to stronger muscles. Powdered collagen supplements, which come in a large container similar to protein powder, are the most popular. You might also see collagen in capsule supplement form. Collagen supplements are made of small pieces of animal collagen and contain mostly protein. Despite this, your daily collagen supplement should not count towards your protein macro goals. Here's why.

Does collagen count towards protein goals?
Hitting your daily target protein macro is an essential component of any healthy diet. Given that protein is the building block of your hair, skin, bones, muscles, and skin, your body relies heavily on the amino acids found in protein. Not to mention, protein helps give us energy and keep us full between meals. But collagen powder is not quite the same as a protein powder supplement.

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