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Save 50% on These Top-Rated Altra Running Shoes Today

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If you’re looking for new daily training running shoe deals, don’t miss this sale  on Altra Rivera road-running shoes at REI. The Altra Rivera Running Shoes are designed to allow your feet to function naturally without undue constraint on your toes. You have to act today to take advantage of the 50% off sale on these shoes. Buy them today for just $65, a half-price deal on shoes that normally sell for $130.

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When you’re buying fitness gear for runners, you know that price isn’t the whole story, especially when you want the best men’s running shoes. Comfort, support, and performance all factor in your choice of shoes. The Altra Rivera running shoes are relatively light weight at just 18.2 ounces a pair. The Rivera’s moderate cushioning with neutral support make them a good choice for daily training sessions or even everyday use. The mesh uppers have a breathable material and design so your feet don’t get hot and sticky as you run. Altra’s Neutral InnerFlex midsole is flexible enough for comfort while supporting your running weight. Altra’s Balanced Cushioning platform is designed with the forefoot and heel at the same height from the ground so you don’t put undue impact pressure on either.

It’s imperative that running shoes fit but they also have to suit the type of running involved. The Altra Rivera’s lace-up closure helps ensure your shoes are tight enough so they don’t slip around as you run but at the same time don’t overly constrict blood flow, comfort, and your natural foot movement. The heels are designed to aid natural heel-to-toe movement and Altra’s trademarked FootShape toe boxes keep your toes straight without uncomfortable tightness.

Because of the way the cushioning and FootShape work together, you’ll want to consider how that may affect sizing. Altra suggests that you allow for a thumb’s width of space in front of your toes to allow room for the Balanced Cushioning and toe box. This extra space may require ordering a half size or a full size larger than your usual size, especially if your previous running shoes have had tight toe boxes. Be sure to check the Altra sizing notes on the REI website page to ensure you buy the correct size Rivera Running Shoes. According to the manufacturer, when you buy the right size with this design they may seem a bit too large in the beginning, but in time your toes will naturally spread to take advantage of the freer space available. The result will be much more comfort than usual in the less constrained design.

Don’t hesitate to snap up this half-off sale on men’s Altra Rivera road-running shoes. Instead of REI’s regular $130 price tag you can score a new pair of these lightweight road runners for just $65, a $65 savings. The Altra Rivera road-runners’ focus on comfort and performance will make them your go-t0 daily trainers, but only if you take advantage of this limited deal now.

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