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Worn Out Wednesday: Phil Colón

Today we speak to Phil Colón, Founder and President of Project 2050 to hear more about his career and personal style:

I am a professional dreamer; in fact, I have not stopped dreaming ever since I was a kid growing up in the Bronx, NY. I enjoy the process of discovery and imagination, and I believe in the extraordinary ordinaries, those who drive culture not from the forefront, but rather from the background. I have always strived to give voice to those who are silent and helped expose unexposed talent. When I started Project 2050 in 2004 with then partners Matt Pressman, Chris White and Shepard Fairey, it was with those same principles in mind. Ten years later, I am still thinking of what’s next because culture is constantly evolving and society is ever changing. Most important of all, the common denominator throughout my diverse career has been my great fortune to work with brilliantly creative talent like Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant), Dao Yi-Chow (Public School), Bobbito Garcia (aka Kool Bob Love) and now Wil Whitney of Nom de Guerre fame.

My style is a bit eclectic in that I like to try different looks depending on my mood. Today, I am at the crossroads where Gene Kelly meets Steve McQueen with some James Dean in between, but with a more city-minded swag. I like mixing brands and price points. For example, a short Burberry trench with a Zara button front shirt, Levi’s Made and Crafted Tack Slim with a John Lobb or Timberland boot and Ray-ban Original Aviators.

Jeans: I really like the Levi’s Made and Crafted line, but I can just as easily pick up an indigo pair of Levi’s 514s. Another pair of jeans I like that fit well with a straight cut is 3×1 Brolin Jeans.

Shirts: I am into fitted shirts with various collar sizes.   My preferred brands for more Savile Row looks are Burberry, TURNBULL & ASSER and Paul Smith London. Other favorite brands for quick hits are J.Crew, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers and Zara. However, back in my Wall Street days, I would frequent a custom place called The Shirt Store on Vanderbilt Ave.

Pants: Classic, flat front chinos from J. Crew, but I like and appreciate what Bonobos is doing with the custom fit.

Suits: One of my favorite suits is from D&G along with my three-piece number from Thom Sweeney. My go-to tux in the closet is from Costume National.

Shoes: When I am going casual, I typically rock my Cole Haan Lunars for pure comfort and versatility. For a more formal look, I prefer my classic Ferragamo’s, but my newest look comes from Casbia designed by Edmundo Castillo. He has both formal and casual looks. I like George Cleverley for a classic leather oxford. But nothing can replace my Jordan 1s or Nike Air Pythons in black.

Accessories: My go-to spot for hats is JJ’s in NYC. It’s an old school haberdashery with a wide selection of hats for both formal and informal occasions. If you drop in, ask for the owner Jose or my homie Van Huyhn. My watch is a stainless steel Rolex GMT II. I pretty much wear it everyday but will occasionally change it up, for my father-in-law gifted me a Vacheron Constantin all-gold gangsta watch. Or, I may just wear my Nike FuelBand on weekends. My glasses are Warby Parker or Rayban.

Outerwear: I keep it classic with a short Burberry trench for fall and spring. For the NYC cold months, it’s all about Canada Goose; although if I want to wear something less bulky and more fitted, I go with my Patagonia Sweater Jacket. My favorite hooded leather jacket comes from designers Dao-Yi Chow and Max Osbourne of Public School. They were both one-time office mates, and I managed to get my hands on a couple one-off samples and rock them often! For more formal occasions, I prefer my double-breasted peacoat from Massimo Alba.

Favorite Cologne: I don’t really wear much cologne (despite my name), but at one point it was a daily ritual. Those days, my go-to fragrances were Polo Black, Grey Flannel and Gio. Today, if I am in the mood, I will default to the classic Creed Silver Mountain Water.

Your favorite App: Waze, the best crowdsourced GPS!

Favorite piece of technology: Nest is pretty amazing with the ability to develop an algorithm based on your energy consumption habits. It also looks futuristic, something the Jetsons would have in their home.

Next tech purchase:  Tesla Model X is my future family car and tech gadget of choice. Nothing more appealing than those winged doors providing unencumbered access to the 3rd row.   Yes, that’s what gets you excited when you have kids!

Photo Credit: Rafael Jimenez | @r2studios

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